christopher lee and peter cushing sideshow statues

Well well well, look at what Sideshow Collectibles just announced. You know Sideshow, it’s a company built to drain the bank accounts of geeks all around the world. They make top tier nerd furniture of all shapes and sizes. As I type this I’m flanked on either side by a couple of their statues (Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Mola Ram from Temple of Doom if you’re curious. I have impeccable taste, I know).

They’ve covered all corners of the geek galaxy, from Star Wars to DC to Marvel to all sorts of video games, and now they’re wading into the thick gothic fog of Hammer Horror with two absolutely badass looking high end statues immortalizing Christopher Lee’s Dracula and his on-screen arch-nemesis Van Helsing as portrayed by the great Peter Cushing.

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