Grudge Match

Rocky Balboa fights Jack LaMotta in Grudge Match, the Warner Bros. comedy starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro. The first trailer for the film, which will be released Christmas Day, has just been revealed. Check it out below. Read More »

Rocky Balboa / Jake LaMotta

For his boxing comedy Grudge Match, Peter Segal rounded up two legends of silver-screen boxing: Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro. Granted, the two aren’t quite in the fighting shape they were three decades ago, but the allure of watching Rocky Balboa face off against Jake LaMotta in the ring can’t be denied.

But that no doubt glorious sight will have to wait. Warner Bros. has dropped the first official still from the movie, and it sadly does not feature the aging bruisers in shorts and gloves. Instead of glaring at each other, they’re scowling at Kevin Hart. Whatever, we’ll take it. Check it out after the jump.

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Warner Bros. has taken a bit of time to shift around its release schedule, and there’s both good news and bad news for film fans. On the plus side, the studio has set Andy and Lana Wachowski‘s Jupiter Ascending for a coveted summer 2014 release date, which reads as a vote of confidence in the film.

Not looking so hot, however, is the Sylvester StalloneRobert De Niro team-up Grudge Match, which has been pushed from a respectable fall 2013 slot to a less auspicious January 2014 one. Hit the jump to read more.

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Two silver-screen boxing icons are currently filming a boxing comedy for Warner Bros. and your first view of them comes via a basketball player. Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone star in Grudge Match, director Peter Segal‘s comedy comedy about two over-the-hill boxers who return to the ring for one last match. We haven’t seen what either actor will look like in the film, until now. Check out the image below. Read More »

Briefly: Audiences are now, officially, going to see Rocky Balboa fight Jake LaMotta. Warner Bros. has just greenlit the long gestating Grudge Match, directed by Peter Segal, which is a comedy about two over the hill boxers (Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro) who comeback for one last match. Kevin Hart has been cast as the fight’s promoter. Grudge Match was originally written by Tim Kelleher but Entourage creator Doug Ellin is credited with the most recent draft. Read more about the film here. Thanks to Deadline.

A couple of years ago, around the time that Peter Segal (Get Smart) signed on to direct Warner Bros.’ boxing pic Grudge Matchrumors began spreading that Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone were circling the project. Without a reliable source, however, it seemed like it could just be unsubstantiated chatter from fans eager to see Rocky Balboa and Raging Bull‘s Jake La Motta face off.

But what do you know — sometimes what sounds like fantasy-casting actually does turn out to be true. According to more reliable recent reports, De Niro and Stallone really are in talks to star. More details after the jump.

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We still don’t know who might star in Grudge Match, the film in development at Warner Bros. that will put two aging former boxing rivals back in the ring for one last match. Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro have been rumored, but it’s very likely it’s a completely unsubstantiated rumor, no matter how entertaining the idea might be from a distance. (And it makes for a great venn diagram.)

But we’re one step closer to casting now that a director has been found. Peter Segal (Get Smart) will helm the picture from Tim Kelleher‘s script. Read More »

Briefly: In May, we heard that Warner Bros. had picked up a pitch from Tim Kelleher to write a film called Grudge Match, about “retired boxers Billy “The Kid” McGuigan and Henry “Razor” Sharp, lifelong bitter rivals who are coaxed out of retirement and into the ring for one final grudge match — 50 years after their last title fight.” It seemed like an unusual pitch for the studio to buy — a boxing movie about old guys? Not exactly what most studios are developing of late, but definitely a potentially welcome change of pace.

Now there’s a rumor that Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone might star. Production Weekly reports the rumor, but as the outlet did it via tweet, there’s no other info right now. That leaves us to ponder what the intersection of Rocky, Raging Bull and Grumpy Old Men might be like. Assuming the rumor is true, that is. Would Sylvester Stallone get in the ring for a non-Rocky boxing movie?

Warner Bros. Preps a Grudge Match


Briefly: It isn’t often that you hear that a film seeks to emulate the tone of the 2000 Clint Eastwood film Space Cowboys. A studio making a movie featuring characters who are over 25? Insanity! And yet here’s Grudge Match, a writer’s pitch that Warner Bros. bought and will develop as a feature. Tim Kelleher sold the idea to WB, says THR, and will write the script. His pitch “revolves around retired boxers Billy “The Kid” McGuigan and Henry “Razor” Sharp, lifelong bitter rivals who are coaxed out of retirement and into the ring for one final grudge match — 50 years after their last title fight.”

Kelleher has written for In Living Color and The Arsenio Hall Show, but only has one feature under his belt: Sinbad’s First Kid. Not exactly a classic, but because I love seeing a studio make a film about older characters that isn’t (a) a weepy drama or (b) a Clint Eastwood film, I’m game to see what happens here.

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