greenland vod release

Greenland, a new Gerard Butler movie about a family trying to survive a cataclysmic natural disaster, is headed to where it belongs: VOD. While STX was hoping to release this baby theatrically, and even moved the theatrical date around a bit, let’s be honest – a disaster flick with Gerard Butler seems like the perfect VOD fodder – and I don’t mean that in a negative way.

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greenland release

Is this a sign of things to come? Or just a smart business decision? Greenland, the latest disaster pic featuring Gerard Butler, will now open overseas before it comes to American shores. This is a relatively small production from STX Films, but larger studios – like Warner Bros. – might soon be taking similar approaches to big movies.

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greenland trailer

Gerard Butler has already established himself as the B-movie king, and now he’s coming for the disaster movie genre. The actor has battled Geostorms and will now be facing off against a planet-killing comet in Greenland, a sci-fi disaster thriller that reunites Butler with his Angel Has Fallen director Ric Roman Waugh. Watch the Greenland trailer below.

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Greenland Movie - Chris Evans in Snowpiercer

Chris Evans has been quite busy with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his streak as Captain America is seemingly coming to an end after Avengers 4. That means he’s going to have a lot more time on his hands for other projects, and we just found out what one of them will be.

Neill Blomkamp, the director behind District 9, Elysium and Chappie has line up his next film, and it’s not that gestating Alien project that looks dead in the water. Instead, it’s a movie called Greenland that Chris Evans will lead, and it sounds quite different from the techno-based, gritty futuristic worlds we’re used to seeing Blomkamp play in on the big screen. Read More »