apple tv+ free

Apple TV+ launched in November 2019 to little fanfare, overshadowed by the glitzy rollout of Disney+. But in contrast to another new streaming platform, Apple TV+ has a fair few original titles that are worth a watch. Sadly, they’ve been overlooked by many viewers, many of whom aren’t even aware that Apple TV+ is fully operational (partly through the fault of Apple’s lackluster marketing). But now that everyone is stuck inside and looking for new shows and movies to stream, Apple is stepping up its outreach by offering its originals for free to non-subscribers, for a limited time.

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ghostwriter trailer

These mystery-solving kids aren’t afraid of no ghosts, much less ghosts who write. In fact, they befriend a literate specter in Apple TV+’s upcoming reboot of the ’90s supernatural mystery series, Ghostwriter. Contrary to its title, this series isn’t about a ghostwriter, but a writing ghost that helps a group of children solve mysteries. Watch the Ghostwriter trailer below.

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Ghostwriter Series Reboot

During Apple’s most recent presentation for their upcoming streaming subscription service Apple TV+, there was a wall of key art behind Tim Cook revealing which shows would be available at launch. One of them was an image that nobody had seen before with a group of kids standing amidst a pile of giant books with the title Ghostwriter written in a typewriter-style font on one of the spines. The title of the series and the presence of young characters made some kids of the ’90s raise an eyebrow in curiosity, wondering if this was a reboot of the PBS series of the same name, and now we have official confirmation. Read More »