The Grudge Reboot

The Grudge will be resurrected once again.

Director Nicolas Pesce, whose directorial debut The Eyes of My Mother made a big splash at 2016’s Sundance Film Festival and Fantastic Fest, has been tapped to helm a reboot of The Grudge for Ghost House Pictures.

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Have you ever dreamed of the man above? Late last year people started hearing about a website called, which claimed to chronicle the fact that people all over the world have seen that man’s face in their dreams. The notion was more than unlikely; it was a fabrication, seemingly orchestrated by Andrea Natella, an Italian sociologist / marketing guru.

But that doesn’t mean the core idea is bad for a film. Now Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures is putting together This Man, which will be written and directed by Bryan Bertino, who last directed The Stranger for Rogue Pictures. Read More »