Boycott Georgia - Don Winslow

Don Winslow, the author of books like The Force and the Cartel trilogy, has optioned the rights to several of his novels to studios and TV networks. But in the wake of this week’s egregious voter suppression in Georgia, Winslow is taking action.

“I will allow no film or television show based on one of my works to be shot in the state of Georgia until its government takes immediate, real and concrete steps to ensure free and fair elections and to end voter suppression,” he writes in a recent op-ed, and he’s calling on the rest of Hollywood to also boycott Georgia until the issue can be addressed in a serious, meaningful way. Read More »

Georgia Movie Theaters

Yesterday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp – the same elected official who claimed that he “didn’t know” the coronavirus could be spread without symptoms, even though that news had long since become public knowledge – made headlines when he announced he was ignoring the advice of everyone who knows what they’re talking about and allowing several businesses to reopen in the Peach State. The list of businesses includes movie theaters, which Kemp said could open on April 27.

But here’s the thing: most movie theaters couldn’t reopen even if they wanted to, since there are no new movies at the moment. As a result, the majority of Georgia movie theaters will remain closed.

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Update #3: AMC has joined CBS and NBC in threatening to pull production out of Georgia locations if the state passes the controversial and restrictive abortion law currently being considered. This would be another huge blow to the state’s revenue since The Walking Dead has set up home base since the show’s beginning back in 2010. The series no longer takes place in Georgia, where the story started, but production still takes place there so much that many major cast members have their own houses there. Get the full story over at Forbes.

Update #2: Sony Pictures has also weighed in, saying it will “continue to monitor that process” as it makes a determination about whether or not to film in Georgia in the future. You can read the studio’s statement here.

Update: In a statement to Deadline, WarnerMedia has also said it will consider pulling its productions from the state of Georgia. Read the company’s statement below. Our original article follows.

We operate and produce work in many states and within several countries at any given time and while that doesn’t mean we agree with every position taken by a state or a country and their leaders, we do respect due process. We will watch the situation closely and if the new law holds we will reconsider Georgia as the home to any new productions. As is always the case, we will work closely with our production partners and talent to determine how and where to shoot any given project.

Disney may halt production of its films and TV shows in Georgia if the state enacts its controversial abortion law, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger said.

A ban on abortion that Georgia’s Republican governor signed into law earlier this month has been cause for much uproar in the film industry, which has flocked to the state for an enticing tax credit offered to film and TV productions. But the abortion ban, which is due to take effect on January 1 if it survives court challenges, has caused several of the 455 productions that shoot in Georgia to pull out of the state. If Disney, which films many of its Marvel Studios productions like Avengers: Endgame and Black Panther in Georgia, were to pull its productions, it would be a major blow to the state’s economy.

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We wrote a couple months ago about Renny Harlin‘s upcoming film about the 2008 conflict between Georgia and Russia. Now, as then, I’m interested in the film to see if Harlin can take what made a few of his films really entertaining (I’m thinking of Cliffhanger, Deep Blue Sea and The Long Kiss Goodnight) and apply it to something that isn’t so flashy. Can he come up with a film that’s actually good? It’s been a while. Today he’s got some of the cast lined up for the picture, which we now know will be called simply Georgia. Read More »