Freaks and Geeks documentary

In the always-evolving world of the internet, two things still seem like unshakable certainties. One is the classic Rule 34, which says, “If it exists, there is porn of it.” And the second is that if you ever come across a list of TV shows that were cancelled too soon, Paul Feig and Judd Apatow‘s short-lived 1999 comedy series Freaks and Geeks will appear on that list. Guaranteed.

There’s been all sorts of talk about a reunion or revival series in the intervening years, but now some of the people involved in the original show have confirmed that a new Freaks and Geeks documentary is coming to television next year. Get the details below.
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Freaks and Geeks reunion in Vacation

Late July brings the reboot of the comedy classic National Lampoon’s Vacation. This time it’s Ed Helms leading the new take, simply called Vacation, playing a grown-up Rusty Griswold bent on taking his own family on a trip to Walley World in an effort to bring them closer together.

There are plenty of little references to the original flick, including appearances by Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, but something else that we were looking forward to in the movie was a mini Freaks and Geeks reunion.

The cult classic NBC series starred a young John Francis Daley, who is now a successful screenwriter with writing partner Jonathan Goldstein, and the two actually make their directorial debut on Vacation. Last fall, Daley said that fellow geeks Martin Starr (Silicon Valley) and Samm Levine (Selfie) would be appearing with him in cameos. But it turns out those cameos didn’t end up in the final cut.

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The Lego Movie

When the Lego Batman movie was announced last week, we found that it had taken over the release window previously set for The Lego Movie 2. Now, alongside all those other DC Comics and Harry Potter spin-off movies announced or confirmed by Warner Bros. this morning, we have confirmation that The Lego Movie 2 is still happening, and we have a general release window. In addition, read about the following items:

  • Gillian Anderson issues a call to Paul Feig to be cast in Ghostbusters,
  • The Vacation sequel/reboot will have a Freaks and Geeks mini-reunion,
  • There’s a second Woman in Black – Angel of Death teaser,
  • And one of Ellen’s regular guests scores a Magic Mike XXL role.

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Seth Rogen Neighbors poster

Over the past decade, few actors have had quite the impact on Hollywood as Seth Rogen. The writer, actor, producer and now director has quietly become the comedic voice of this generation, much like Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy or Bill Murray before him. Rogen’s everyman demeanor and total commitment to embarrassment has become something of a benchmark in modern comedy. Unlike those other comedy icons, however, Rogen is more than just an actor. He got his start writing comedy and continues to write and produce films. He has now proven himself as a director, too. Like his mentor Judd Apatow, Rogen is shaping the laughter of the world.

Rogen’s latest film, Neighbors, is sure to add to that legacy. Directed by Nicholas Stoller, the hard-R film tells the story of a new parents (played by Rogen and Rose Byrne) who fall into a major feud with their fraternity house neighbors, lead by Zac Efron. The film is filled with the kind of big laughs and big heart you’d expect from Rogen.

Recently, we spoke to Rogen about Neighbors, and also touched on his views on his comedy legacy, and the fact he’s making the kind of mid-budget films many in Hollywood see as non-existent. The conversation also ranged through upcoming projects, Zac Efron, female empowerment in the movies, and more. Read our Seth Rogen Neighbors interview below. Read More »

Freaks and Geeks

Lindsay Weir went on quite a journey in the first and only season of Freaks and Geeks, shedding her nerdy Mathlete persona to fall in with the aimless freak crowd. But it wasn’t necessarily clear at every step what the right choice was. Should she have left that smoking patio with Millie? Was kissing Nick a terrible idea? And what was up with that whole Deadhead thing?

If those questions have kept you up at night since 2000, the Fine Bros. have a game for you. Their 8-bit, YouTube-based, Choose Your Own Adventure-style Freaks and Geeks game allows you to control Lindsay from the first moments of the pilot. See if you can improve on her McKinley High experience after the jump.

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Today’s TV bits is stuffed to the brim with new project announcements, casting notices, trailers, and much more. After the jump:

  • Mike Judge and Scott Rudin team for Silicon Valley at HBO
  • FX is adapting J. Michael Feldman‘s show Fairy Tale Theater
  • Goonies co-stars Sean Astin and Corey Feldman reunite on TMNT
  • The Newsroom casts someone to play a Romney campaign staffer
  • Sean Bean replaces Brendan Fraser in TNT’s spy drama Legends
  • The CW gives freshman drama series Cult a February premiere date
  • Jon Hamm and John Slattery direct more episodes of Mad Men
  • Is Doctor Who uniting all 11 Doctors for an anniversary special?
  • How would you like to create a title sequence for A&E’s Bates Motel?
  • Read an in-depth oral history of beloved cult classic Freaks & Geeks
  • Hannah fails to get a job in a deleted scene from Season 1 of Girls
  • Laura Dern has big plans in the Enlightened Season 2 teaser
  • See a teaser for the Beyonce-directed documentary about Beyonce
  • Check out a production video from the Game of Thrones set
  • Showtime offers up a teaser for season 6 of Californication

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When Judd Apatow‘s R-rated comedies started making hundreds of millions of dollars, Hollywood took notice and emulated them left and right. But fans knew that the director of The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up had been making us laugh long before that. He helmed two of the most underrated network series of all time, Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared; produced films like The Cable Guy and Anchorman; and worked on TV shows such as The Critic and The Larry Sanders Show. This was a comedic genius that deserved all the praise heaped upon him.

In celebration of his latest film, This is 40, Gallery 1988 Melrose in Los Angeles is hosting a Judd Apatow tribute show featuring art based on films he had a hand in. So, in addition to everything mentioned above, there’s also art inspired by Superbad, Pineapple Express, Talladega Nights, Walk Hard, and Step Brothers. The show opens Tuesday December 4 and remains on display through December 30.

After the jump, check out a ton of art from the show from artists such as Glen Brogan, Todd Slater, Joshua Budich, Jason Liwag, Jason Edminston, Dave Perillo, Anthony Petrie, Jeff Boyes, Joey Spiotto and others, including some exclusives, and find out how you can attend. Read More »

If you watch a lot of television, chances are you’ve heard of PaleyFest. And if not, here’s the scoop. Each year, PaleyFest is an event where some of the biggest shows on television assemble their casts and creative teams for in-depth discussions about the past, present and future of their shows. For 2011, shows like The Walking Dead, True Blood, Eastbound and Down, Community, Supernatural and others are all scheduled to participate and they’re even hosting a Judd Apatow TV reunion with nearly the full casts of Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared together on one night.

Plus, this year Gallery 1988 (which you know because they do the awesome pop culture related art shows that we regularly feature) has commissioned several artists to do limited edition screen prints for some of the events. Daniel Danger did a frightening take on The Walking Dead, DKNG Studios gets to the essence of True Blood (NOTE: limited remaining copies of this print are on sale now at and we’re proud to be able to exclusively premiere Phantom City Creative‘s awesome poster for the Freaks and Geeks/Undeclared reunion. You can see a glimpse of it above but, after the jump, check out the whole thing along with The Walking Dead and True Blood. Read More »

Party Down; Episode 104; Investor's Dinner

Over the last decade, Martin Starr has brought a unique ruckus to comedy on TV and in the movies. As an actor, he portrays characters that have settled into their aloof, awkward skins by way of deep thought, nerdy diversion, and hilarious observation. Poofs of weed smoke often chip in. While plagued with girl problems, his characters typically win over audiences until they are subtly recognized as the coolest, smartest dudes on screen.

It was under the guidance of Paul Feig and Judd Apatow—as the lanky, bespectacled and beloved teenager Bill Haverchuck on Freaks and Geeks—that Starr set this precocious M.O. in motion. And it’s a personal belief that had Freaks not been brutally axed in ’00 during its lone season, Haverchuck would have gone on to land a bevy of moist females. Of course, Freaks is now forever renown for launching a bevy of careers, including those of Starr, Seth Rogen and James Franco. And for being one of the best fucking things ever. Starr has notably followed up with memorable roles in Knocked Up—beard fail—and in the recent, terrific Adventureland, an ’80s time-capsule that stays with you like the killer kiss on a Ferris Wheel that didn’t happen and will not.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

This Week in DVD is a column that compiles all the latest info regarding new DVD releases, sales, and exclusive deals from stores including Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Fry’s.

Please don’t take the commentary on the movies and TV shows too seriously, as they’re meant not to be reviews but rather previews that include the general thoughts and ramblings of a twice-committed DVD addict. The categories represent solely the author’s intentions towards the DVDs at hand, and are in no way meant to be a reflection on what he thinks other people should rent or buy. So if he ends up putting a movie you like in the “Skip it” section without having seen it, please keep in mind that the time you could spend leaving a spiteful but ultimately futile comment could instead be used for more pleasant things in life. Like buying DVDs.

Rent It

After all of the speculation and build-up surrounding news of a 24 movie, it was hard to be anything other than disappointed when it was revealed to be nothing more than a made-for-television prequel to the new season. But hey, after a year and a half long hiatus since 24 was last on the air, fans will probably just be happy to see Jack Bauer kicking ass again. And with season 6 referred to by many as one of the show’s worst to date, this 2-hour special event is a clever way to give the series a clean slate.
Blu-ray? No.
Notable Extras: Extended Edition “Creator’s Cut” featuring over ten minutes of never-before-seen footage (not shown in the television broadcast version), “Making Of” documentary, “Children of War” featurette, Cast/Crew Commentary, “24” Season 6 in Four Minutes featurette, Season 7 Sneak Peek – First 16 minutes of the premiere episode.

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$15.99 $17.99 $14.99
Amazon – $15.99

What? 3-Disc ($22.99) includes: digital copy, behind the scenes footage and Rocco DeLuca music video.
Where? Best Buy.

Skip It

(Available as single-disc rated, single-disc unrated and 2-Disc Unrated Edition)
By far the most disappointing movie I’ve seen all year, Hancock fails just about every rule of filmmaking when it comes to delivering a cohesive narrative, likely due to constant script rewrites and studio meddling. The premise itself is very intriguing, and for the film’s first half, it works. But at about the halfway point, a completely random and arbitrary plot twist is thrown into play, and from that point onward the film continues its downward spiral of ridiculousness and irrelevance until finally concluding with a half-assed attempt at a dramatic and emotional climax. Not even Will Smith’s charisma could save this poorly-executed twist on the superhero genre.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: The single disc versions include the following featurettes: ‘Superhumans: The Making of Hancock’, ‘Seeing the Future’, ‘Building a Better Hero’, ‘Bumps and Bruises’, and ‘Mere Mortals: Behind the Scenes with Dirty Pete’. The 2-Disc Unrated Edition includes (among the aforementioned featurettes) a digital copy of the film and two additional featurettes (‘Home Life’, and ‘Suiting Up’).

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$15.99 $14.99
Amazon – $15.99

*Does not include 2-Disc Edition, which costs $22.99 at each of the listed stores (including Amazon).

What? Exclusive deluxe ($22.99) has pop-up packaging and collectible lithograph from film.
Where? Target.

What? Exclusive Steelbook for 2-Disc Edition ($22.99).
Where? Best Buy.

What? 3-Disc Limited Edition ($22.99) includes bonus disc “How to be Super: The Users Guide to Hancock”.
Where? Circuit City.

I’ve heard nothing but negative things about Fred Claus, which is a real shame considering how promising its premise is. With Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti in the leading roles and Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin in the director’s chair, I can only imagine the possibilities had this been an R-rated twist on the Christmas film genre (a la Bad Santa) instead of merely being a PG family-friendly entry in it. Just imagine it: weeks before Christmas, everything was going great for Santa… until his alcoholic, sex-addicted brother Fred Claus showed up to ruin it all. What do you think? Would you pay to see that?
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: Director commentary and 25 minutes of deleted scenes.

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$16.99 $17.99 $14.99
Amazon – $17.49

In a year where we have Wall-E, Bolt, Kung Fu Panda, and Horton Hears a Who!, there’s just no room for such an utterly forgettable and dated-feeling animated family film as Space Chimps. Why bother wasting your time?
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: “Fox Movie Channel Presents: Casting Session” featurette.

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$16.99 $19.99 $15.99
Amazon – $19.99

What? Save $5 when you buy both Space Chimps and Meet Dave.
Where? Circuit City.

Excluding Dreamgirls and voice work, here’s every film Eddie Murphy has done since the beginning of 2000: Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Dr. Dolittle 2, Showtime, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, I Spy, Daddy Day Care, The Haunted Mansion, and Norbit. After all that, there’s no reason anyone should be surprised by the awfulness of Meet Dave, his latest entry in the “OH GOD PLEASE KILL ME NO I MEAN IT I CAN’T KEEP WATCHING I WAN’T TO DIE SO MUCH RIGHT NOW” genre.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: Crew Confessions and a gag reel.

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
$19.99 $15.99
Amazon – $19.99

Talk about a slap to the face for dedicated fans of the show. This DVD set originally came out in 2004 (along with the regular version of the complete series) as a Limited Edition that you could only buy online, with only 25,000 copies in print. It eventually sold out at the beginning of 2007. The fact that it retailed around $170 was ludicrous but somewhat justified by the DVD’s status as a collector’s item. Now though, Shout Factory is re-releasing the set without the “Limited Edition” label, and for the exact same price no less. That’s close to three times as much as you have to pay for the regular edition, and the only differences are the 40-page yearbook packaging and two extra discs of bonus material (which admittedly aren’t much better than what’s available on the previous 6 discs).
Blu-ray? No.
Notable Extras: The first 6 discs are the same as the regular edition, so all those special features are included. The extra two discs include: Museum of Television & Radio Panel, Table Read, Deleted Scenes, Original Cast Auditions, Raw Footage, Mr. Rosso Live In Concert, Photo Galleries, NBC Promos, and Behind the Scenes footage.

Target Best Buy Circuit City Fry’s
N/A $119.99 $109.99 N/A
Amazon – $119.99

Other noteworthy DVDs available this week…
Bottle Rocket (Criterion Collection)A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!Spy Who Came in from the Cold (Criterion Collection)Beverly Hills 90210 (Season 6)

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$29.99 – The Simpsons (Season 11), The Office (Season 4), and more…

$74.99 – The OC (Complete Series)
$99.99 – Sex and the City (Complete Series)
$24.99 – 007: James Bond – Ultimate Edition (Volumes 1 – 4)

$3.99 – Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Reign Over Me, Jarhead, Breach, Underworld, Revolver, The Break-Up, Robots, and more…

$6.99 – Michael Clayton, The Kingdom, Bee Movie, Hairspray, Knocked Up, Blood Diamond, We Own the Night, Semi-Pro, Balls of Fury, The Golden Compass, and more…

$6.99 – I Am Legend (2-Disc Special Edition), The Departed (2-Disc Special Edition), 300 (2-Disc Special Edition), Ocean’s Thirteen, Michael Clayton, The Golden Compass, Hairspray, The Brave One, and more…

$12.99 – Oz (Seasons 1 – 6), The Venture Bros. (Seasons 1 – 2), Robot Chicken (Seasons 1 – 2), and more…

$2.99 – Borat, Road to Perdition, Catch Me if You Can, Tomb Raider, The Omen, The Talented Mr. Ripley, What Dreams May Come, Prime, Undercover Brother, The Manchurian Candidate, Planet of the Apes, Changing Lanes, Red Dragon, Be Cool, Coneheads, Johnny Dangerously, 48 Hrs., Tears of Endearment, Baseketball, Friday the 13th, Amistad, Rules of Engagement, The Ring, The Saint, Serpico, Joy Ride, Enemy at the Gates, The Truman Show, Kiss the Girls, and much more…