fosse/verdon teaser

Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams are going to give you the ole razzle dazzle in Fosse/Verdon, FX’s upcoming biographical miniseries about the legendary Broadway choreographer and filmmaker Bob Fosse and his creative and romantic partner Gwen Verdon, who did everything he did but backwards and in heels.

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bob fosse and gwen verdon

Last week, news broke that FX is producing a limited series based on the relationship between Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon, with Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams in the lead roles. Fosse/Verdon will be executive produced by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is also composing the score. This is thrilling news for fans of musical theater, but should excite even the non-initiated. Fosse and Verdon’s story is one of absolute passion; for their work and for one another. Together, they created beautiful, iconic films and performances, and watching their story unfold with such talent backing it will be a treat for all.

If you’re not familiar with Fosse or Verdon, here’s a look back at who they were, how their paths crossed, what they created together, and how their love produced a golden age of musical splendor. And, of course, why their story will make for must-see TV.

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Fosse Verdon

FX has their next original limited series lined-up, and it’s attracted quite a roster. Fosse/Verdon will star Sam Rockwell as choreographer and filmmaker Bob Fosse, and Michelle Williams will play Fosse’s creative and romantic partner, dancer Gwen Verdon. The series comes from producer Lin-Manuel Miranda (you might have heard of him).

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