Taylor Swift Folkore Concert Special Trailer

While everyone else has been figuring out how to have Thanksgiving without their family during the pandemic, Taylor Swift has been busy. The chart-topping recording artist put together a new concert special (without a crowd) back in September, where she recorded all of the songs from her most recent album folklore in an intimate recording session that she also directed herself. And it’s coming to Disney+ in less than 24 hours.

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best foreign movies and tv streaming february 8

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best foreign movies and TV streaming right now.)

With the Lunar New Year recently passing, it’s fitting that a lot of our picks for the best foreign movies and TV streaming this week are Asian properties. Whether it’s an enthralling zombie series set in medieval Korea, a kooky family comedy mixed with an LGBT romance, or an anthology series showcasing Asian folklore, we’re ringing the Year of the Pig in right. But not everything in this week’s Pop Culture Imports hails from the Asian continent — we also have the Oscar-nominated Alejandro González Iñárritu Spanish drama starring Javier Bardem and the fantastically absurd Asterix & Obelix live-action film featuring Gerard Depardieu in giant balloon pants.

But it’s no question that we lucked out with this week’s selection of foreign movies and TV streaming across digital platforms. So let’s fire up those subtitles and get streaming.

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