Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will begin playing out in theaters next month, but meanwhile the studio is already getting their plans in place for Phase Three. Earlier this year, Kevin Feige confirmed that Doctor Strange would “definitely” be involved in the next stage of the Marvel franchise. No director or star has been announced just yet, but rumors about who might fill those roles are starting to spring up.

According to a new report, actor/writer Justin Theroux is being eyed for the Doctor Strange role, and may even be working on the script already. Meanwhile, Evil Dead remake helmer Fede Alvarez is said to have met with Marvel Studios to discuss the Doctor Strange directing gig. Alvarez himself denies it, but it’s not like we’ve never seen a filmmaker lie about this kind of thing before. Hit the jump to keep reading.

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Spike Lee is turning to some familiar faces to help round out the cast of his Oldboy remake. After adding his Do the Right Thing star Samuel L. Jackson a few weeks back, Lee is turning to his Red Hook Summer actor Nate Parker for another supporting role. The up-and-comer’s other credits include ArbitrageRed Tails and The Secret Life of Bees.

A remake of Chan-wook Park‘s hit South Korean thriller, Oldboy centers around a man (Josh Brolin) out to exact revenge on the person who kidnapped and imprisoned him for mysterious reasons. Sharlto Copley plays the villain, while Elizabeth Olsen co-stars as a woman who aids and romances Brolin’s character. Parker is in talks to play a doctor colleague of Olsen’s. Oldboy will shoot this fall, likely for a 2013 release. [Variety]

After the jump, Carrie and The Evil Dead get synopses, and José Padilha responds to talk of Robocop difficulties.

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The hotly tipped future talent of the minute is Federico Alvarez, a 30 year old Uruguyan behind the YouTube smash sci-fi short called Panic Attack – which you can see below the break. So far, Alvarez seems to be following a very similar racing line to the one Neill Blomkamp has roared around over the last few years.

Whereas Blomkamp’s breakthrough short was Alive in Joburg, a shaky-cam alien invasion picture set in South Africa, Alvarez has now made his crash landing with Panic Attack… a shaky-cam alien invasion picture set in Uruguay. The latter features rather more giant robots, however, which you may see as a very good thing.

Blomkamp’s protector/mentor in making the transition to feature length filmmaking was Peter Jackson, while Alvarez has in turn been taken under the wing of Sam Raimi. Apparently the two have already spoken at length and the expectation is that Raimi will help Alvarez make the transition to feature filmmaking without too much interference from suits and money men.

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