fast and furious poster big head

Universal Pictures has released a new poster for Fast & Furious on ComingSoon. Normally I wouldn’t care enough to cover such a poster (we just don’t care about the movie, at all), but the image made me laugh (plus there is a lack of news due to the holiday). Is it just me or does Vin Diesel‘s head look extremely huge, especially in comparison to co-star Jordana Brewster? Is Vin Diesel’s head really that big in real life?

Fast & Furious Super Bowl Ad

Universal has also released a new television spot for Fast & Furious, the fourth film in the Fast and the Furious series. While the last film focused on the art of drifting, it appears, at least from this commercial, that the fourth film is about cars and trucks insanely flipping over each other. Watch the tv spot after the jump.
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