While James Cameron is hard at work perfecting Titanic 3D and writing Avatar 2 and 3, he’s also producing a number of other projects including a 3D reboot of Fantastic Voyage. The film has been in development for some years with several A-List directors attached, the latest being Shawn Levy (Real Steel). However, Levy just added Frankenstein and Pinocchio to his dance card, which made it seem like Fantastic Voyage was dead once again. Not the case says the mega-producer.

After the jump, read Cameron’s latest remarks on the remake of the 1966 film about a team of scientists shrunken down to explore the human body. Read More »

After going through several potential directors, it didn’t seem like development on the James Cameron-produced, 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage could get any more complicated. It has. According to The Hollywood Reporter, currently attached director Shawn Levy (Real Steel, Night at the Museum) is considering leaving the project if he can’t land a major star. Unfortunately, Fox would rather not pay for a major star. The exception to that might be Will Smith, who will soon meet with Levy about the project. Sources tell THR that Fox would most likely pony up for Smith but, if that doesn’t happen, Levy could walk. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Director Shawn Levy might have found his muse in the person of Hugh Jackman. The pair already have one film ready for release, October’s Real Steel, and have also decided to team up for a mystery film written by Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse. Plus, even though the release is still several months away, a Real Steel sequel is already being written for the duo. If three films that could potentially team up Levy and Jackman wasn’t enough, Deadline is now reporting that Jackman is Levy’s first choice to star in his James Cameron-produced 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Shawn Levy is the latest director to take the helm for 20th Century Fox and James Cameron. The director of Night at the Museum, Date Night and the upcoming Real Steel has signed on to direct the 3D sci-fi remake Fantastic Voyage, which is about a ship that’s shrunk down to go inside a man’s body. Last year, Paul Greengrass had been attached to direct and rumor had it Cameron, who is producing, wanted Louis Leterrier to direct the film. Last we heard about the project, Laeta Kalogridis (Avatar, Shutter Island) was coming in to do rewrites. Read more after the break. Read More »

James Cameron has been attached to produce a 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage for a while now but, recently, there haven’t been many updates on the project. Until now. Word is that Laeta Kalogridis, who got an Executive Producer credit for doing some rewrites on Avatar and wrote the screenplay for Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, has been called in to rewrite the script. Paul Greengrass was originally going to direct, but left the project a few months ago. Even without a director attached, though, this move shows that 20th Century Fox and Cameron still feel remaking the 1966 film about a submarine that’s shrunk down and set loose in a man’s body, is going to happen. Hit the jump for more. Read More »


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Yesterday there was news that James Cameron is developing “a Shane Salerno-scripted sci-fi action script for Fox, described as an ‘event’ film set in the future.” At the time no one knew anything else about the picture, but Salerno’s involvement led some to speculate that this was Doomsday Protocol, a script Salerno sold to Fox, announced last year.

That isn’t the case, however, based on a red carpet interview given by Cameron last night at the London premiere of Avatar. The film is actually a 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage, and Cameron is only producing, not directing. Read More »