The Rise of Skywalker behind the scenes Ewok

What’s this? A Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker story that does not involve the novelization filling in gaps left open in the movie? Thank the Maker!

In the spirit of good faith, let’s all put aside the divisiveness of J.J. Abrams‘s Skywalker saga finale for a moment and focus on one of the film’s brief cameos: that quick moment when Star Wars legend Warwick Davis reprised his role as Wicket the Ewok. A new behind-the-scenes video is making the rounds which tells the story of that other Ewok who was standing next to Wicket, and features Abrams looking very pleased that he was able to make Star Wars history by bringing Wicket in one more time. Read More »

Ewoks TV show

Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ is going to be home to all sorts of original Star Wars content, from live-action shows to animated series. Confirmed shows include The Mandolorian, a series about Rogue One character Cassian Andor, and a new animated Clone Wars. Then there are rumors about a series involving Solo character Qi’ra, and even a potential Obi Wan series. Now we have yet another rumored series to add to the pile: a show about Ewoks! Yes, those furry freedom fighters who love to dance, sing and murder stormtroopers, might be getting their own TV show. Details are extremely vague at the moment, but that won’t stop us from speculating!

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