Kajillionaire trailer

It’s been nine years since Miranda July last released a feature film, and the indie darling has returned in fine form with her new con artist dramedy Kajillionaire. Starring Evan Rachel WoodGina Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins, and Debra WingerKajillionaire debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to critical raves. While it’s a little less certain how the moviegoing season will shape up this fall, the one certainty is that Kajillionaire is one of the must-see indie films of the season. Watch the Kajillionaire trailer below.

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westworld season 3 featurette

Westworld season 3 arrives next weekend, and to better prepare us for the mystery box mayhem to come, stars Evan Rachel Wood and Aaron Paul got together to talk about their characters and season 3 in general. It’s a fun, light-hearted, amusing conversation between two very charming people, and it clues you into some of the things in store this season.

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westworld season 3 review

Can Westworld reboot itself? The series started off so strong with its first season, but nearly everyone seemed to be befuddled by season 2. The second season wanted to be bolder, but this boldness ultimately resulted in a confusing, messy narrative that had most viewers throwing up their hands, or throwing in the towel. But season 2 also climaxed with a sign of big changes to come: Many of the main characters were no longer in Westworld, or its sister parks. They were out in the real world.

The stage was set for something entirely different. Which brings us back to the main question: Can Westworld reboot itself? The answer is: Maybe – but it doesn’t really want to. Because while season 3 first starts off seeming like a brave new world, it’s only a matter of time before the show is retreading familiar – and befuddling – ground.

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Kajillionaire review

If Parasite didn’t satiate your hunger for family teams of con artists, you might be curious to check out Kajillionaire, the latest work from Miranda July. But while Parasite is a tale of capitalism and class-warfare, Kajillionaire has other things on its mind. In fact, it’s not really even a con artist movie. July uses that scenario to draw us into the surreal world she’s created, and then pulls the rug out from under us to create something far more emotional.

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What We Do in the Shadows

Have you been watching the What We Do in the Shadows series on FX? If not, then last night you missed out on an incredible assembly of cameos from celebrities who have played famous vampires over the years, including Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, and Jonathan Brugh as the original trio of vampires from the mockumentary film that inspired the series. But they’re not even the biggest names who make an appearance. Find out all about the What We Do in the Shadows cameos below. Read More »

drunk history season 6 trailer

Everyone’s favorite inebriated Comedy Central series is back, with an even more star-studded cast for its sixth season.

Derek Waters’ Drunk History season 6 has released its first trailer ahead of its January premiere, and it has everything: Elijah Wood in a wig, Evan Rachel Wood rattling off a string of curse words, and returning Drunk History guest stars Will Ferrell, Vanessa Hudens, and  Jack McBrayer giving their best over-the-top lip sync performances.

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Frozen 2 cast

Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown are heading to Arendelle. Fresh off of their piping hot Emmy nominations for their work in the most recent seasons of Westworld and This Is Us, respectively, the pair are now officially joining Walt Disney Animation’s Frozen 2 cast.
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Westworld Season 2 Finale Featurette

Westworld season 2 has come to an end, and it’s likely that people are going to be talking about the season finale for a long time. A new Westworld season 2 finale featurette takes you behind-the-scenes of last night’s episode, offering up some answers to lingering questions. Plus: Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan offers a hint about when we can expect to see Westworld season 3.

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Westworld season 2 went out with a bang last night…and we have questions. The show has always dabbled in mystery, but the season 2 finale took things to the extreme, essentially blowing up the show as we know it to create something new. But what does it all mean? Below, we break down some of the most pressing questions about the Westworld season 2 finale. Major spoilers follow, obviously.

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