One of the biggest buzz films at Sundance this year was a black and white super-indie that charted one man’s downward spiral into madness.

Not the most unusual subject matter for a Sundance film, but Escape From Tomorrow has a very unusual hook. The feature debut from director Randy Moore takes place in a Disney theme park, and was shot inside Disney properties in Anaheim and Orlando, with no permission from the company. Furthermore, the lead character’s crazed state leads him to stalk a two teen girls, and features some full-on nightmare hallucinations of Disney characters. It’s fuel for Disney corporate nightmares.

Many people thought that Escape From Tomorrow would never see release because of the Disney connection, but now it has a release date set for October of this year.  Read More »

Independent film is filled with dreamers who are too naive to believe in the impossible — filmmakers who don’t concern themselves with the millions of reasons not to make a movie. Some of the best works of art are created from this naivety.

Escape From Tomorrow is a movie that takes place during a family vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Not only do the filmmakers make no attempt to hide or obscure the location, but the Disney theme park and costumed characters play a huge part in the story. Most of the movie was shot in Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disneyland without the knowledge or permission of Disney. This is a film that, from a conventional perspective, should never have been created, never mind screened at the top independent film festival in the United States. But it was, and after the break we’ll tell you how it was done. Read More »