Avengers Endgame Spoilers

Avengers: Endgame is now playing in theaters everywhere, and in the coming days, there will be a lot to dissect in this epic three-hour culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. However, we know that not everyone is able to see the movie opening weekend for whatever reason. But don’t worry, because we got you covered.

Instead of firing off spoilers before opening weekend has even begun and ruining the moviegoing experience for anyone else, we’re going to be very careful about how we cover any Avengers Endgame spoilers, just as we have been leading up to the movie. But we wanted you to know what’s in store starting Monday morning, as well as one article running Friday evening that answers one question that a lot of people have had after their screening. Read More »

Fox Will Develop James Frey’s YA Novel ‘Endgame’


Briefly: James Frey created the story that spawned the novel and film I Am Number Four, and while that was a non-starter as a franchise, he’s got another YA property in the pipeline. Frey is writing a novel called Endgame, which will be published next year, and is intended to launch a novel series. Now Fox has bought in, and will develop the story as a film. Frey will script.

There’s no real info on the story, which THR says has been “described as┬áHunger Games-like in tone by several sources.” Pretty much par for the course at this point that a new YA story would be compared to one of the most successful existing YA franchise, so that doesn’t tell us a whole lot.