Movie Trailer: ‘Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son’

Martin Lawrence is back in the female fat suit for Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, and he’s got Tropic Thunder‘s Brandon T. Jackson suited up alongside him. There’s a trailer for the film after the break, and I dare you to watch it. Read More »


I just wrote about Butter the other day — that’s the Black List script by Jason Micallef that is becoming a comedy with satirical overtones starring Rob Corddry and Jennifer Garner. Now Ashley Greene, aka the one reason I’d think about ever wanting to watch any of the Twilight films, is signing on to play “a rebellious high school teenager.” I still love the core idea — an Iowa butter-carving competition is allegory for the 2008 Democratic caucus — and this cast is really shaping up. [THR]

After the break, new work for a Glee cast member and some terribly exciting news about the third Big Momma’s House movie. Actually, the opposite — the only exciting news would be that it isn’t happening. Read More »

The Winning Season Added to Sundance 2009 Line-Up

It’s not unusual for last minute selections to be added to the Sundance Film Festival line-up in the weeks leading up to the Park City Festival. Last year it was Hamlet 2, and this year it is screenwriter turned director James C. Strouse‘s second feature film The Winning Season (note: this news has been rumored elsewhere, but this is the first time Sundance has officially confirmed the report).

The film stars Sam Rockwell as an adult alcoholic misfit brought on to coach his local girl’s high school basketball team. Rockwell has described the movie as Bad News Bears meets Half Nelson meets Hoosiers. It’s worth mentioning that Strouse’s semi-autobiographical first screenplay Lonesome Jim involved a story line where Jim (played by Casey Affleck) has to take over his brother’s girls youth basketball team.

The film’s cast also includes Emma Roberts, Rob Corddry, Shareeka Epps and Emily Rios. Festival director Geoffrey Gilmore calls the film “a completely gratifying cinematic drama marked by sharp dialogue and perfectly toned performances.”

Rockwell’s Sci-fi Thriller Moon also premieres at the festival. Roberts’ Lymelife is also screening at the festival. The Strouse penned Lonesome Jim premiered at Sundance in 2005, and his directorial debut Grace is Gone played at the 2007 festival.