quibi trailers

If you thought we were done with red, hot Quibi content – think again! The nascent streaming service, which specializes in short-form content, just released a whole slew of new trailers. Because even though the service just launched with a ton of new shows, there are still more to come. New titles include Fight Like a GirlElba vs BlockLet’s Roll with Tony Greenhand, and Agua Donkeys. And I promise you, these are all real shows.

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Quibi trailers - Fugitive, Flipped, Elba vs Block

We made fun of its name when it was first announced, but it looks like Quibi might get the last laugh.

The mobile-only streaming service, which has over $1 billion to throw around, the support of every single major Hollywood studio, and deals in place with tons of top-tier filmmakers, is going to debut this April, and trailers for its shows are beginning to make their way online. We’ve gathered the first few below, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.
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