Snabba Cash trailer

In 2010, Swedish director Daniel Espinosa (Safe House, Life, the upcoming Morbius movie) broke out in Hollywood with Snabba Cash (also known as Easy Money), a gritty international crime thriller starring a then-up-and-coming Joel Kinnaman. That film spawned a trilogy, and while an American remake was once in the works, that project never materialized. Instead, Netflix has picked up the baton and has crafted a slick new TV series set in that same world. Check out two trailers for the upcoming series below. Read More »

It’s been several months since we saw the trailer for Snabba Cash II, but now comes the trailer for the first Snabba Cash. No, we’re not getting our numbers mixed up. While the first film was a huge smash in Sweden back in 2010, it’s only now getting around to a proper U.S. release, under the title Easy Money.

The Weinstein Co. have been waiting for the right moment to release it since they picked up the picture two years ago, and now that they’re finally ready to go, they’re giving it their best push. The new trailer comes with a “Martin Scorsese Presents” stamp of approval, name-checks Dragon Tattoo author Stieg Larsson, downplays the subtitles, and helpfully points out director Daniel Espinosa and star Joel Kinnaman‘s involvement in familiar American titles Safe House and The Killing, respectively. Watch it after the jump.

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Not long ago, a bidding war erupted in Hollywood over the rights to remake a Swedish crime thriller called Snabba Cash (Easy Money). Now there is a winner: Warner Bros. The studio will remake the film with Zac Efron producing and starring. Read More »