None of these updates are all that major, but there are a lot of them so let’s get right to it. After the jump:

  • Channing Tatum won’t direct Magic Mike 2 just yet
  • Stephen King‘s The Shining (book) sequel gets dated
  • Jude Law is totally up for more Sherlock Holmes
  • Karen Allen reiterates Indy 5 is up to George Lucas
  • Seth MacFarlane is “thinking about” a sequel to Ted
  • Men in Black 3 and the trilogy hit Blu-ray / DVD this fall
  • Rosario Dawson says Sin City 2 will shoot in November
  • Super Troopers 2 hits legal trouble; Pot Quest still simmering

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Happy Friday! Today’s Sequel Bits involves three comedies of varying degrees of hilarity, plus a spooky-sounding book. After the jump:

  • David Wain can’t guarantee a sequel to Wet Hot American Summer 2, but he’s working on it
  • Ed Helms doesn’t really know when The Hangover Part III will get going
  • Shawn Levy could “very possibly” be directing Night at the Museum 3
  • Stephen King reads the first chapter of Dr. Sleep, a sequel to The Shining

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In 2009 we were a bit surprised to hear that Stephen King was considering penning a sequel to The Shining. That book is one of King’s signature stories, thanks in part to the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation. (A film which King hated to such a degree that he made his own television version in 1997.) So there’s the question, is a sequel to The Shining sacrilege or long-awaited dream?

Regardless, it is happening. The title originally reported, Dr. Sleep, is in fact the name of the book, and the author is already out reading excerpts from it. Oh, and the story involves a band of, essentially, psychic vampires. I know this isn’t really movie news, but chances are it will be, perhaps sooner rather than later. So read a bit more about Dr. Sleep below. Read More »