Don't Look Now remake

Some films are so firmly rooted in the ’70s that separating them from the time of their creation is futile. The Godfather and The Conversation. All the President’s Men. On the horror side, alongside the decade’s crop of films led by The Exorcist, Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now is among the defining films of the ’70s. The thriller follows a couple whose overwhelming grief at the loss of their young daughter is made more complicated by a nun who claims to be able to psychically see their daughter.

Roeg’s storytelling, the cinematography by Anthony B. Richmond, and the editing by Graeme Clifford are extraordinary, and the performances by Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland are so pitch-perfect that for years rumors persisted that an unusually frank sex scene in the film actually featured the two having sex for real.

Now, naturally, there’s a Don’t Look Now remake in the works. Read More »