Don Payne, the screenwriter who worked on Thor and Thor: The Dark World, passed away yesterday, according to his family. The family has not released any details regarding the cause of death, though a battle with cancer has been reported. Read More »

A little ripple of mixed confusion and curiosity went through the internet yesterday when Patty Jenkins was revealed to be in talks to direct Marvel’s Thor 2. Jenkins helped Charlize Theron win an Oscar when she directed Monster, but that film is Jenkins’ sole feature credit. The Thor 2 deal seems predicated on two things: the success of her pilot for The Killing, and the fact that her quote is low.

And while Don Payne has been hired to write the Thor sequel, which is scheduled for July 2013, we don’t know much about the story. And we still don’t know much in terms of specifics, but recent statements from Kevin Feige give us a basic idea of what to expect. In short: cosmic road trip! Read More »

A few weeks back, Variety reported that Brian Kirk, who recently directed episodes of Game of Thrones, was in talks to direct Marvel’s Thor 2. But movement has been pretty slow on the project, and we never got the expected press release from Disney and Marvel announcing the finalization of the deal.

Now Deadline reports that Patty Jenkins is a strong contender for the job. Read More »

Briefly: Marvel Studios is taking the next step in putting a Thor sequel into production; the studio is now in talks with Brian Kirk to direct the film that will follow on from Kenneth Branagh’s first chapter. Variety has the news, saying that Brian Kirk’s TV experience with large ensemble casts (Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter and Luck) was a contributing factor in Marvel’s decision to hire him.

Thor 2 will be written by Don Payne, and is scheduled for release on July 26, 2013.

Don Payne Writing ‘Thor 2’

Briefly: Yesterday Marvel and Disney dropped word that Thor 2 will make the trip from Asgard to Earth on July 26 2013, and that Kenneth Branagh would not be along for the ride. Chris Hemsworth will almost certainly return, and we’ll see whether or not Natalie Portman makes another appearance. While the studios figure out who will direct, they’re in the process of pulling together something that someone could direct, and the first stage is scripting. Don Payne, who did some work on the first Thor script as well as writing Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and some Simpsons episodes, will script. [Deadline]


There was a time in the ’90s when derelict kids were consuming entire packets of Big League Chew and ravaging through violent garbage comics like Trencher and the motherlode, DC ComicsLobo.

Try as I might to better myself, the possibilities of a long-planned R-rated Lobo movie adaptation remain irresistible. A proper cinematic depiction of  Lobo’s day-to-day would ideally blend the Star Wars cantina with Road House‘s Double Deuce. Certain scenes might need to be lifted wholesale from Bob Guccione’s Caligula. Of course, is there a leading actor today who could embody this gutter-minded, intergalactic bounty-hunter (Juggalo forefather)? Calling Shia LaBeouf.

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