Dinosaur 13 trailer

The documentary Dinosaur 13 tells story that is first uplifting and then utterly infuriating. It’s a wild ride. The film begins with the 1990 discovery of a T-rex skeleton, nicknamed Sue, and follows the work of a group of semi-pro paleontologists who unearth and preserve the skeleton, only to have it taken from them by the highest US law enforcement agencies. You’ve seen the National Guard roll into a town in monster movies, but here, the Guard shows up to help the FBI take a long-dead dino from the people who found it. Check out the Dinosaur 13 trailer below. Read More »

Dinosaur 13

Before 1990, only 12 Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons had been found, and they were all less than 40% complete. Then a group of South Dakota paleontologists found Sue, an 80% complete fossil. It was the biggest T-Rex find in history, and that 13th find is how Todd Douglas Miller‘s documentary Dinosaur 13 gets its title.

The film tells the story of Sue’s discovery and, more importantly, the jaw-dropping events that occurred once the bones were out of the ground. The subject makes for a worthy documentary. In digging into the history behind the case, however, Miller finds many lesser stories below it, which are interesting to varying degrees. As a result, the film feel long and unfocused.

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The 2014 Sundance Film Festival starts today, and with the opening of theater doors, hundreds of brand new movies will be revealed to the world. Some we’ve already heard of and are excited for — The Raid 2 and Life Itself come to mind — but the majority of them are wholly unknown. They’re films most audiences don’t yet know anything about, with massive stars, from famous directors, or featuring exciting premises..

Below I’ve pulled the titles of 25 2014 Sundance Films you may not have heard of yet, but sound absolutely amazing for one reason for another. Read More »