From the first shot of David O. Russell‘s The Fighter, it’s obvious that a documentary within the film is going to be of paramount importance. And since The Fighter is based on a true story, the documentary in the film actually happened. It’s called High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell, is incredibly significant to the structure of The Fighter, and now you can watch it online, for free.

One of the subjects of the documentary is Dicky Eklund, the brother of championship boxer “Irish” Micky Ward. Christian Bale plays Dicky in The Fighter and Mark Wahlberg plays his brother Micky. Before Micky’s rise to fame, Dicky was once the “Pride of Lowell,” himself, a boxing contender who went toe to toe with legendary boxer “Sugar” Ray Leonard. However, if you’ve seen either film, you know that things took a turn for the worst for Dicky. After the jump, learn where you can watch the documentary and more. Read More »