The following report was filed by /Film guest writer Reza Lackey:

When you’re growing up, there is always something you would look forward to. The holidays, your birthday, the start of summer etc. When I was younger, there was one event I looked forward too more than any other; My yearly family vacation to southern California where I’d spend an entire day at Disneyland.

For as long as I can remember, my family and I would spend an entire day (sometimes two) of our summer vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth. I would think about this day all year long. I would plan the entire day weeks before. Which attractions we would see in which order, when we would have our meals and when we would claim our seats for shows. I would imagine the sound of the train pulling into Main St. Station. Reading the sign: “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” I would wait 364 days to be there. And finally when that day would come, seeing, hearing and smelling Main Street U.S.A., I would become that happiest kid on the earth. My Dad would look down at me as I opened my brand new park map: “Where too? We’ll follow you.” It was my day.

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