UPDATE: DeLorean has released the specs and cost of the DMCEV. They’re after the jump.

If you thought Back to the Future Nikes were cool, you’re about to see some serious shit. At the International DeLorean Owners Event in Houston, Texas last week, DeLorean Motor Company announced a partnership with electric car company called Epic EV. The intent is to mass-produce a fully electric DeLorean called the DMCEV by 2013. That’s an image of one above. See another photo and read more about the vehicle after the jump. Read More »


Most film fans now know the name DeLorean thanks to Back to the Future, but there was a point where the entrepreneur was a headline-making designer. There’s a reason that the 9000 produced DeLorean cars are an iconic symbol of the ’80s. Well, two reasons: in addition to making a wild-looking car, John DeLorean allegedly trafficked drugs to generate cash for his struggling company. (He beat the charges; the ‘trafficking’ was actually an elaborate entrapment scheme.) We’ve known that James Toback was interested in making a DeLorean biopic, and now Variety confirms that it is moving forward. Ironically, his co-creators are men with reputations worthy of the subject’s. Toback’s script may be directed by Brett Ratner and produced by Robert Evans, thanks to Ratner’s first-look deal with Reliance Big Entertainment. Read More »