Angela Robinson‘s D.E.B.S was like Charlie’s Angels, So Close or maybe Totally Spies! but, well, gay.  Robinson is a lesbian and has tackled issues of gender representation, stereotyped sexuality and gay and lesbian relationships in most of her films – the notable exception being the Lindsay Lohan vehicle Herbie: Fully Loaded (and I can see the comments making that connection for you is going to provoke already, though I just wanted to make the ‘vehicle’ pun).

The film was quite unlikely, in some respects, being developed by Screen Gems from a pretty bold and ‘out’ original short that Robinson had garnered a nice streak of success with at festivals.  Not a surprise of the same order as Sony seeing a short about some homosexual kickboxers and greenlighting a feature spin-off but, at the time, it gave me pause none the less.  By all acounts, however, Screen Gems did Robinson proud and encouraged her to make exactly the film she wanted, so good on them.  Sadly, this led only to cult success, and the planned sequel was never forthcoming.  Well, not so far… Read More »