Sundance Preview: Unmade Beds

It is easy to get lost looking at the 118 feature-length films in the 2009 Sundance Film Festival catalog. I know I usually become fixated on the U.S. Dramatic Competition, Premieres and American Spectrum selections, and I have often been criticized for my lack of international film coverage. So as Sundance nears on the horizon, I thought I’d include a couple not so typical films in the mix of previews. Sure, everyone is going to cover Big Fan or Adventureland, but what about the next Once or Eagle vs. Shark?

Alexis Dos Santos‘ debut film Glue played at many film festivals domestically and internationally in 2006, but pretty much flew under the radar of mainstream America. His new film, Unmade Beds premieres in Sundance’s World Cinema Dramatic Competition. The film is described by Sundance programmer Caroline Libresco as “startlingly visceral and original” and “a rhythmic stream-of-consciousness mood collage”.

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