loki db cooper

In the first episode of Loki, the newest Marvel Studios series on Disney+, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Time Variance Authority Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) are reviewing the god of mischief’s exploits when we get a flashback to a scene that had never featured before in any of the villain’s Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances. We see Loki with unusually slicked-back, short-cropped hair, dressed in a sleek suit and a snazzy pair of shades while seated aboard a 1960s-style airplane.

At first blush, this seems like just an excuse to put Hiddleston in a well-tailored suit (and who would blame them?), but it’s clear this sequence is an allusion to the mysterious case of D.B. Cooper, an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in 1971 and who remains at the center of the greatest unsolved case in FBI history.

Spoilers for the first episode of Loki continue below.

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Restless authority-types and newscasters have referred to him as “the Teen Houdini,” “the Boy Who Loved to Fly,” and “the Barefoot Bandit.” Over a two year period, he’s allegedly stolen and crashed a handful of cars and aircraft, having taught himself to fly from video games and a flight manual purchased using a stolen credit card. Citizens of western Washington State say he lives in the woods, where he catches animals for food with a pair of illegally obtained night-vision goggles. Others say he risks capture due to a weakness for ordering pizzas.

And now Fox and Rough House Pictures, the new production company founded by David Gordon Green, Jody Hill, and Danny McBrideown the movie rights to a book proposal about his life. We think a bitchin’ congratulations is in order to the precocious teen rebel in question, Colton Harris-Moore, the D.B. Cooper of a new generation. Run kid. Run hard.

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