Jennifer Lawrence is really covering all the bases. She’s got a resume with acclaimed indies (Winter’s Bone, Like Crazy), the reboot (X-Men: First Class) and the giant blockbuster hit (The Hunger Games). But she has also shot a role in a somewhat old-fashioned looking horror thriller called House at the End of the Street.

Lawrence plays the daughter of Elisabeth Shue, and the two women move into a new home right near a place where a murder once took place. (The house of horrors helps keep rent down in the neighborhood.) The action looks like what someone influenced by Wes Craven’s early efforts might have cooked up. Think of Last House on the Left, perhaps without all the rape — this is a PG-13 thriller. The trailer isn’t quite as old-fashioned, however, as it summarizes the action of the film in reverse order, so we see Lawrence in scream queen mode right off the bat.

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The years since Jim Sheridan‘s great film In America have been filled with a couple of strange choices: the 50 Cent movie Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, and the remake of Susanne Bier’s Brothers. (The latter being a film I liked in part, but the idea of remaking it still seems like a strange choice.)

Now here’s Dream House, which looks like it might be a too-predictable wacky thriller in which Daniel Craig gets to go a little bit crazy. He moves into a new home with his wife (Rachel Weisz, now his real-life bride as well) and children, only to discover that the previous inhabitants were murdered. From there, Daniel Craig goes off the rails a bit as he discovers that his own past might not be what he assumed it to be. This is definitely a trailer that appears to show too much, but what it might really show is that Dream House is going to be a tough sell. Check it out after the break. Read More »

Paramount to Make The Ring 3D


It has been five years since the original sequel to the US remake of The Ring. 2005 saw the release of The Ring 2, in which Naomi Watts was directed by Hideo Nakata, the man behind Ringu, the Japanese version of the film which helped kickstart the early ’00s infatuation with J-horror.

Now the easy lure of a sequel and an increasing desire for 3D fodder has Paramount literally going back to the well. The studio is moving forward on a film that is currently being called (quelle surprise) The Ring 3D. Read More »


Old masters never die; they’re just endlessly recycled. There haven’t been many notable script sales yet this year, but two that went down recently are both being positioned as reflective of the Master of Suspense. Since it’s highly unlikely that a film coming out of any Hollywood studio at this point would have the pace and patience of a film by Alfred Hitchcock, what can we expect from a couple of new thrillers that seek to trade on his influence? Read More »