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Universal must be feeling pretty good about the upcoming remake of The Mummy that’s arriving next year because they keep on adding more names to their ever-expanding monsters universe. The latest person to have their name thrown into the ring is screenwriter David Callaham, who has been tasked with resurrecting The Wolf Man.

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‘Zombieland 2’ Back on Fast Track With New Writer


Much like the characters implied by the title, Zombieland 2 keeps coming back to life. The original writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, have been thinking about a sequel for years and eventually spun some of those ideas into a Amazon TV pilot. The show was not picked up, and most thought that was the end. Like a good zombie, however, the feature version of Zombieland 2 is now rising from the grave.

A new report says Sony Pictures has hired Dave Callaham, writer of the first two Expendables movies, to pen a sequel with Ruben Fleischer expected to return and direct. Read More »

David Goyer Writing ‘Godzilla’

Briefly: Development has been relatively quiet on Legendary Pictures’ new Godzilla movie, announced last year and quickly confused with Pacific Rim, another giant monster movie the company is developing. But Godzilla hasn’t gone anywhere, and now the film has a new writer: David Goyer, who has worked on the Batman and Superman films from Legendary and Warner Bros. His script is what helped push forward the new Superman movie, Man of Steel.

Deadline says that David Goyer will rewrite David Callaham‘s script, adding only that the idea is to “approach the film and its characters in the most authentic manner possible.” In other words: this won’t be anything like the terrible 1998 Roland Emmerich movie. (Or so everyone hopes.) No word on whether any of the layer of allegory that added depth to some of the Japanese Godzilla films will be present. Hopefully Godzilla will be more than the world’s biggest terrorist. Gareth Edwards (Monsters) is set to direct the film.

It’s hard to believe this is some kind of coincidence. On the same weekend a sci-fi invasion film, Battle: Los Angeles, is number one at the box office making a solid $36 million, two major studios pick up major science fiction pitches. Sony has purchased a movie called Agent OX, produced by Battle: LA producer Neil Moritz, which is about a human spy on an alien planet and 20th Century Fox has purchased an untitled sci-fi adventure with McG attached as a producer with an eye on directing. I’d like this think this is some kind of coincidence, just two random acts of chance, but we know better. Hollywood is once again piggybacking off of proven success. Is there a bright side? Read more about both potential films after the jump. Read More »