David O. Russell fans the world over mourned last summer when he announced that he’d quit as writer/director of the political satire Nailed. After two years of production delays and shutdowns due to money troubles on the part of financial backer David Bergstein, Russell finally decided he’d had enough and backed out with just “one key scene” left to shoot. Although the film had a new owner by that point, Bergstein’s partner Ron Tutor, he and Russell were unable to reach an agreement. Tutor announced at the time that he still planned to complete the film with another director, and Russell gave a very polite statement wishing Tutor the best. And now it seems Tutor’s making good on his promise: last night, a select audience in Los Angeles was shown a rough cut of the movie. Read more after the jump.

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If you’ve been following Disney’s attempts to sell of the Miramax name and library (and I’d understand if you haven’t; it’s inside baseball stuff, to some extent) then you, like me, may have been shocked a week ago when Ron Tutor and embattled, disgraced financier/exec David Bergstein were said to have an exclusive window to purchase Miramax. Having destroyed ThinkFilm and Capitol Films, Bergstein seems like the worst of the Miramax bidders to end up with control of the label and library.

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You have got to be shitting me. OK, quick recap on the attempt by Disney to sell off the Miramax name and catalog. Early in the game there were three major sets of bidders: Ron Burkle and the Weinsteins; the cash-rich Gores Brothers; and investor Ron Tutor and his advisor partner David Bergstein.

That’s the same David Bergstein who ran ThinkFilms and Capitol Films into the ground, stranded David O. Russell’s film Nailed (and other films, like Taylor Hackford’s Love Ranch) and is currently facing down bankruptcy proceedings and other legal troubles. There’s also the accusation that he owed a million bucks to Mandalay Bay Casino in Vegas.

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There are a couple of very notable films that have been stuck in limbo for the past couple years. One is Margaret, by You Can Count on Me director Kenneth Lonergan. That one has been stuck in a perpetual editing cycle. Another is Nailed, David O. Russell‘s film about a waitress (Jessica Biel) who has a nail lodged in her head and travels to Washington D.C., where things get weird.

The film was stalled several times in production thanks to the shady money handling of David Bergstein, and was never fully finished. Over the last year we’ve wondered if money might finally come through to get the film off the shelf and into theaters.

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