Thomas Newman Scoring ‘Skyfall’ For Sam Mendes

In the struggle between franchise and friend, in this instance, the friend was triumphant. You see, though the last several James Bond movies have all had different directors, those directors all employed the musical services of composer David Arnold. In fact, Arnold has been the composer for every Bond movie since 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies. However, with the now in production Skyfall, Oscar-winner Sam Mendes is at the helm and instead of going with the franchise favorite, he’s hired his frequent collaborator Thomas Newman, who scored American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Jarhead and Revolutionary Road for the director. Read more after the jump. Read More »

The lion will roar once again. Earlier today we wrote about Darren Aronofsky being interested in returning to MGM‘s remake of RoboCop when and if the troubled studio got everything straightened out. That just happened. A Manhattan judge approved the company’s re-organization plan which will allow them to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. By doing that they can reduce their debt, gain new capital and in just a few short weeks, begin to start making movies again with a new pair of studio heads: Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum.

Among the projects the company is believed to have prioritized once their business is fully operational is the 23rd James Bond film, which had been postponed indefinitely. In fact, composer David Arnold told one magazine that the film is officially back on. Read more about all of this after the jump. Read More »