A week ago, we told you that the original Ghostbusters would be back in theaters soon for a limited release. Now we’ve got the details: Sony will put the movie on screens through the month of October, but only on Thursdays, starting October 13. So you might get a chance to see Ivan Reitman‘s original and still truly entertaining film on October 13, October 20 and October 27. Read More »

‘Ghostbusters’ to Get Theatrical Rerelease

As we look forward to the most anticipated movies of the fall season, one very exciting release has unexpectedly popped up. The official Ghostbusters Facebook page has just announced that the sci-fi comedy classic is set to return to theaters this October for a rerelease. Read on after the jump.

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Ghostbusters 3 will become a reality only when a thumbs-up is given by each of the franchise’s three main actors, Ivan Reitman, and Columbia Pictures. And while everyone seems game—Dan Ackroyd most of all—if there’s a participating wild card it would be Bill Murray. In recent press rounds for Fantastic Mr. Fox, the actor managed to fire off countless witty quips about the sequel’s status, all of which equated to, “If the script is good,” and none of which conjured Jim Cameron’s, “Stop asking. I’m crowning.” In a new interview via AICN, GB co-star Sigourney Weaver expressed medium interest in a brief reprisal of her character Dana Barrett. And then, cue your Tegan and Sara 7″, she may have given up the ghost…

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Imagine That Movie Poster with Eddie Murphy


On last night’s SNL, alum and host Tracy Morgan played a fictional off-off-Hollywood producer promoting a kids movie entitled Rocket Dog. Pathologically fluent in showbiz hustle, Morgan’s would-be maven lobbed impossibly straight answers to questions involving the countless doggie (and human) deaths that occurred during production. Nor was it of much concern that his feature film only clocked in at 38-minutes, 10-minutes of which were allotted to a fuzzy “TV playing Bravehart.” Like Dan Akroyd’s Irwin Mainway and his “Bag O’ Glass,” Morgan’s maven is the gross embodiment of American success as 99% cute marketing. The ironic tagline he yelled with Tourette-like consistency: “Houston, we have a dog!”

After the jump is the first one-sheet to Eddie Murphy‘s summer vehicle, Imagine That. The tagline: “What if your daughter’s imagination…was the secret to your success?” Enticing. And yet, the poster fails to explain how this premise leads Murphy’s dad to unwittingly wear his daughter’s colorful tights underneath his mundane business attire. Moreover, his daughter’s more sparkly intimates sneak into his briefcase! The work of an imported magic skull or a job for To Catch a Predator?

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Rumor Killer: Ghostbuster 3 Casting

Don’t believe those Ghostbuster rumors… A new live-action Ghostbusters film is not in the works. A rumor has been circulating the interwebs that Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson had signed on to return for a third film where they would hand off the Ghostbusting duties to the Judd Apatow crew of Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and Romany Malco. I’ll admit, that it doesnt sound like a bad idea, at least in best case scenario terms, but it’s completely untrue.

The Ghostbuster 3 rumors began at WonderCon 2008, where an advertisement in the program promised a big Ghostbusters related announcement in San Diego. The announcement never happened, but was expected to be the Ghostbusters video game. But even that is on hiatus now as part of the recently announced Activision cuts. The planned announcement, combined with a Ghostbusters fan contest fueled the current rumor.

Discuss: But now that we’re here, who would you recast in a new Ghostbusters movie?