Starship Troopers

The long-promised (or oft-threatened, depending on your point of view) Starship Troopers reboot is finally gearing up to take a big step forward. Columbia Pictures is set to reboot Paul Verhoeven‘s 1997 classic, with Fast and Furious producer Neal H. Moritz and Baywatch reboot writers Mark Swift and Damian Shannon. I’m not going to say this is an bad idea, but I will say that the original film is as close to perfect as movies can get and is, quite literally, my thirteenth favorite movie of all timeRead More »


The long-gestating Baywatch movie may have finally caught itself a director. Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) is in negotiations to adapt Paramount’s action-comedy take on the 1990s series, which has Dwayne Johnson attached to star. Read all about the Baywatch Seth Gordon news after the jump. Read More »

The Genie (Aladdin)

Tinker Bell’s getting a spinoff, Cinderella’s prince is getting a spinoff, and now Aladdin‘s Genie is getting a spinoff, too. (Which we totally called, by the way.) Disney is developing Genies, a live-action comedy adventure that’ll reveal how the jolly blue giant wound up in that tiny little lamp.

And don’t worry, Aladdin isn’t getting left out in the cold here either. The tentative plan is for Genies to eventually lead into an Aladdin live-action movie. More details on the Aladdin Genie movie after the jump. Read More »

Briefly: Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who wrote the Friday the 13th reboot as well as Freddy vs. Jason, have set up a new horror film at Paramount.

Details are pretty thin at this point, but the Mary Parent-produced film is reportedly set in a high school. The currently-untitled film will be directed by Shannon and Swift as well, making the film their directorial debut.

We don’t know the budget for this one, but Paramount has done very well with the low-budget Paranormal Activity series. Without this new horror having some sort of franchise appeal it seems unlikely that Paramount would commit significant resources to it, so perhaps we should be on the lookout for a found-footage high school film? (Please, no. Just make a horror movie, with no kooky camera conceit.)  [THR]



The gory image above is our first clear look at Laurie Strode, once again played by actress Scout Taylor-Compton, in H2: Halloween 2. Nice chipped teeth, eh? As you’ll recall, Strode is the (formerly) estranged sister of slasher Michael Myers, and according to horror visionaire Rob Zombie, “let’s just say this is the best part of her stay [at the hospital]. The worst is yet to come.” It will be interesting to see how Zombie’s sequel deviates from the original underrated 1981 follow-up, which was co-written and ghost-edited by The Shape’s creator, John Carpenter, and also set partially in a hospital to creepy effect. On his blog, Zombie has ended speculation about actor Malcolm McDowell reprising the pivotal character, Dr. Loomis, confirming that “he’s back and ready to deal with Big Mike.”As we’ve mentioned, H2 is due with the quickness this August and is now shooting in the state of Georgia.

After the jump: Hunter’s lengthy rant on the complete disappoinment and failure that was Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13th, and Platinum Dunes’ annoying reign over horror icons vs. Rob Zombie’s polarizing Halloween and interpretation of Michael Myers. No friggin’ contest!

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Marcus Nispel to Direct Friday The 13th Remake

Friday the 13th

Michael Bay can’t leave the old classic horror movies alone. First he remade Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a music video director at helm, then the not so good Amityville Horror remake, like most people, I’m still trying to forget the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, and The Hitcher was forgettable at best. I’m not a purist. I believe that old classic movies should be remade for modern audiences. But if you’re going to do it, you need to do it right. And more times than most, it isn’t.

Today Shock is reporting that Bay has hired Marcus Nispel to direct a revamp of Friday The 13th. Nispel directed the aforementioned Texas Chainsaw remake (which is the only film on the above list that I actually enjoyed. However, Nispel was also the one behind that god awful Pathfinder film. Maybe he just lacked a good producer?

The screenplay was written by Freddy vs. Jason scribes Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. The studio apparently went through another attempt before finalizing this latest draft.

But is Friday the 13th worth remaking? While the 1980 film is probably the most successful slasher of all time, it lacks the iconic character of Jason. If you remember, the first Friday the 13th film actually followed Jason’s mother Mrs. Voorhees as the killer. I’m sure it makes more sense to do a total revamp with the hockey masked killer as the antagonist.