D3: The Mighty Ducks

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The Movie: D3: The Mighty Ducks

Where You Can Stream It: HBO Max now and Disney+ starting on September 4

The Pitch: After winning the pee-wee hockey championships and the Junior Goodwill Games, it’s time for The Mighty Ducks to grow up. The team has been awarded junior varsity hockey scholarships to Eden Hall Academy, a prestigious prep school that was previously attended by Coach Gordon Bombay. But this time, Coach Bombay isn’t leading the ducks on the hockey rink. Instead, the Ducks have to get used to Coach Ted Orion, a former NHL player who has no patience for the little tricks the team used to pull, while also contending with the contempt and taunts of the varsity hockey team.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: The Mighty Ducks is one of those beloved sports franchises that children of the 1990s adore. D2: The Mighty Ducks ups the ante by taking the team to the global level and having them face off with the best young hockey players the world has to offer, while also adding some players who aren’t from District 5 in Minnesota. The movies have all the cliched lessons you’d expect from these kind of family friendly sports dramas, and while D3: The Mighty Ducks has those too, what makes the sequel stand out is the coming-of-age narrative that finds the characters growing up along with the fans who have been with them since the beginning. Read More »