And with this, Hulu Plus is suddenly an essential subscription. Criterion added 150 titles to the paid subscription service yesterday, and will soon have 800 of the company’s library titles available to stream for those who pay $7.99 per month. Eight. Hundred. Films available now include Hausu, Ikiru, La Strada, Jules and Jim, L’Avventura, The Battle of Algiers, The Blob, George Washington, Grey Gardens, High and Low, and over 100 more.

The details, if you need more than that, are after the break. Read More »


I love the Zatoichi movies. Love ’em. One of my shelves has a pile of Zatoichi DVDs thirty cases high. The tale of a blind swordsman with amazing moves and a penchant for gambling certainly has no shortage of material for the dedicated fan: it spawned twenty-seven films and a one hundred and twelve-episode TV series. Zatoichi is remarkable for many reasons, but primarily because actor Shintaro Katsu played the character in every screen appearance but one.

Now, thanks to a deal between Criterion and Hulu, you can watch six of the films, the first chapters in the long series, for free. This looks to be the first of a series of Hulu offerings from Criterion, and it’s a great start.  Read More »