Crank cinematic universe

Forget superhero or Universal Monsters cinematic universes – how about a Crank cinematic universe, based around Jason Statham‘s unstoppable character Chev Chelios? That’s what Crank co-director Brian Taylor wants, and honestly, that’s not such a bad idea.

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There’s a lot of early talk about sequels going around this week, as the directors of current movies promote their new releases. After the break, we’ve got quotes on the following:

  • Mark Neveldine says Crank 3 will happen,
  • Rupert Wyatt talks about a Planet of the Apes sequel,
  • Brad Bird has a couple more comments about The Incredibles 2,
  • Guy Ritchie talks up a possible RocknRolla sequel,
  • And Robert Downey Jr. and producer Joel Silver address a possible Sherlock Holmes 3.

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Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (featured right to left above, respectively) first made a name for themselves in 2006 with their adrenaline-rush of an indie action flick, the low-budget Crank. Three years later, they solidified their reputation as unstoppable forces of pure insanity with its sequel, Crank: High Voltage. Today though, they bring us their first non-Crank-related directorial effort, the Gerard Butler vehicle Gamer, which also co-stars Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall.

I had a chance to chat with Neveldine/Taylor (as they’re so often credited in their films) a couple of months back at Comic-Con, which they were at to promote their latest helping of blood-splattered delirium.

You can read the full exclusive interview with Neveldine and Taylor after the jump.

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What must it feel like to see a man in your suit parade around an electrical field? Jason Statham, sit back and put on some shades. Today, the LA Times unleashed a crop of behind-the-scenes photos for Crank 2: High Voltage. Apparently directors and /Film buds, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, have thought up a zany Godzilla-esque dream sequence for their much anticipated, free-basing sequel due April ’09. And while it looks promising—nice stubble, check—can it possibly top Bobcat Goldthwait’s man-in-suit destruction from One Crazy Summer?

Discuss: Crank 2: High Voltage, safe for the olds? What is your favorite man-in-suit movie?

Our friends at Film School Rejects just received word personally from Tom Jane regarding the origins of the artwork above and his (non-)involvement in the DC Comics adaptation Jonah Hex

“Yeah, the pic is real all right – my pal [writer/producer] Akiva Goldsman told me about the project and I fell in love with the idea right away. Being a huge fan of all things Hex – I just couldn’t help myself. I called up my buddy Chris Nelson and we spent a Saturday afternoon working up some make-up for this impromptu shoot and I fired a few pics off to Warners. How do people get a hold of this shit? It’s a little embarrassing seeing my fanboy enthusiasm spilled all over the web, but great scripts don’t come around too often, especially for characters I love.”

On one hand, it’s rather awkward that Hex writer/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Crank, awesomeness) didn’t see the above art until it flamed out across the Web. Neveldine even emailed Shock to say he had “no clue” what the art was for. But maybe this will start a dialogue with Jane for the role, who knows? The actor’s fallout with the Punisher franchise was unfortunate and I’m always hoping to see him in another role that’s as break-out bananas as his Todd in Boogie Nights or his lead in the underrated Stander. This project has definitely moved up as one of my more anticipated comics-to-film. Just imagine: House 2 meets Crank 2. C’mon.

Jonah Hex is a former alcoholic and confederate soldier turned supernatural loner and gunslinger. He received his signature scar at the hands of Indians who placed a hot tomahawk to his face. His mother was a prostitute and his dad sold him into slavery. Total winner. Based on this decade’s Vertigo series, Neveldine/Taylor have said they’ll focus on the supernatural elements (zombies, et al) and want to build a viable franchise. With Cowboys and Aliens also on the way (possibly with RDJ), we only need one more flick to make Genre Westerns a trend.  

Discuss: Would Jane make a good Jonah Hex? Anyone read the script?

Crank 2 Spoilers Hit the Web


A slew of spoilerific and amazing character descriptions for Crank 2 just hit the web over at Spoiler TV. We’ve pasted them all after the jump. Judging from the run down, directors and Slashfilm party mates Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor seem to really love the word “sociopath,” and their Ritalin milkshake of a sequel should be all the better for it. I mean, a villain that is 100-years-old? Holy shit, that is awesome. What is this, Double Dragon? Sorry Scott Wolf, it’s not. It’s Crank, one of the best action flicks/franchises in years that arguably has its own subcategory: post-Shane Black.

And how Hollywood is it to list a character named “Pepper,” to be played by a 20something actress, and conclude in all CAPS, “Must Be Okay with Nudity”? Furthermore, seems there will be more cheeky media commentary in the sequel, and while I know I mention this character in every other post, I would give anything to see Robert Downey Jr.’s nutzoid reporter Wayne Gale from Natural Born Killers make a cameo. If Jason Statham’s Chev Chelios can survive a black market heart transplant (not to mention a helicopter fall), Gale can be resurrected!

Details after the jump…

Discuss: With the masses discovering and loving its predecessor on DVD, how big of a hit can Crank 2 be? And should audiences over 30 have to sign a health waiver to see Crank 3 (3D)? I mean, really…

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