The great thing about superhero comics and movies is they pretty much put the kibosh on reality. Men can’t be given powers if they’re bitten by a spider, aliens don’t come to Earth and save us all, and billionaires would never spend a good portion of their money risking their lives to save the common folk. None of these things are real and that’s why we love them. On the flip side, when you literally break down the logistics of a comic book character, often times you’ll not only see why they’re unrealistic, but they might actually do more bad than good.

Cracked has filmed a scripted, Reservoir Dogs style coffee shop discussion on the merits of Batman and while it runs a little long, they frequently bring up valid and hilarious points. Batman fans will want to check it out after the jump. Read More »

I’m sure you’ve all heard of, one of my favorite sites for killing fifteen minutes… or fifty. I tend to find their unique blend of humor, geekery, and plain ol’ smarts to be downright addictive, and before I know it, I’ll have wasted a sizable chunk of my work day just hopping from link to link. (Sorry, Peter!) On the plus side, I’ve usually learned a thing or two by the end of my visit.

I generally find myself browsing their lists, but their videos are reliably enjoyable as well. The After Hours series features Daniel O’Brien, Katie Willert, Soren Bowie and Michael Swaim getting together at Pat & Lorraine’s in Los Angeles in order to pick apart topics like classic movie high schools, fun apocalypses, and things that kind of suck about the Harry Potter universe. The latest installment is “Why Star Wars is Secretly Terrifying for Women,” and you know what, they make a pretty good point. Watch it after the jump.

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