Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

It’s not entirely Mark L. Smith‘s fault that Leonardo DiCaprio found himself chowing down on raw bison liver and risking hypothermia in freezing cold water on the set of The Revenant. But as the screenwriter, Smith definitely bears some responsibility. He’s the one who wrote Hugh Glass into a world that gets “colder, icier, more frozen and harder,” as his journey continues, after all.

Still, The Revenant‘s famously difficult production process has paid off, at least in that five-time Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have best shot yet at actually taking home a statue. So maybe it’s not surprising DiCaprio is looking to hook up with Smith again. The two are reuniting for Conquest, which has just been picked up by Paramount Pictures.  Read More »

Once upon a time there was a real break between TV and movies, but that is long since eroded. Writers, directors, and actors regularly bounce between features and TV, and few are quite as known for the practice as Ron Howard. After his early days as a TV actor, Howard reinvented himself as a director, and eventually an Oscar-winning one. But he never left TV altogether, and gave Arrested Development its signature narrative voice.

Howard’s medium-straddling career almost naturally led to the ambitious plan to adapt Stephen King’s The Dark Tower as a series of films and TV episodes. While we wait for that to happen (or not) Howard is putting the finishing touches on his racing drama Rush, and now has a new project set up at Showtime. Conquest is a passion project of the filmmaker’s, and will be a tale of the Spanish conquest in Mexico, scripted by Jose Rivera (The Motorcycle Diaries, On the Road.) Read More »