/Filmcast Ep. 527 – The Lion King

lion king tv spot
David, Devindra, and Jeff discuss exciting news out of San Diego Comic-Con, covering everything from Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2, Natalie Portman as Thor, and Patrick Stewart returning as Captain Picard.

For the feature review, the cast collectively ask the existential question “what’s the reason of being for this new Lion King movie?”
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Great Debate Comic-Con 2019

There are a lot of panels at San Diego Comic-Con. Hundreds, I’d wager. And while Hall H gets a lot of attention for the mega-IPs that make their home there, there’s a strong case – hear me out – for SYFY’s The Great Debate being one of the best panels at Comic-Con. 

True, you’re not going to see top secret footage from the next Marvel movie or get a glimpse of an uber-celebrity there. But what you will get, however, is a fun, relatively unscripted time where there are no PR people coaching actors on what they should and should not say. 

This year’s panel, held Thursday afternoon in Ballroom 20, brought together a group of funny people who did not disappoint. Aisha Tyler returned for the fourth time to moderate the motley crew of Felicia Day (The Magicians, Supernatural), Naomi Ekperigin (Broad City), Dani Fernandez (Ralph Breaks the Internet), Thomas Lennon (Reno 911, The Odd Couple), and Travis McElroy (My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone). The panelists debated a variety of topics while managing to fit in references you’ll not likely to see at other Comic-Con events (Day, for example, got in the tidbits that lizards have two-pronged penises, and that Smurfs are three apples tall).

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comic-con 2019 show floor

Peter explores the show floor of San Diego Comic-Con International 2019, and goes on the lookout for the coolest film geek collectibles and show floor displays. He takes a look at the booths for Slideshow, Marvel, Star Wars, Mondo, Insight Editions, and more. What are the coolest things he found during preview night at Comic-Con 2019? Watch the video embedded below to find out!

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Marvel at Comic-Con 2019

It looks like there will be some big geeky news coming out of Comic-Con this year after all. While Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce that they will be holding a panel at Comic-Con 2019, revealing their plans for the post-Avengers: Endgame era, a new report suggests that they’re doing just that.

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