Cloverfield Franchise

As early as January of 2008, there were discussions about a possible sequel to Matt Reeves’ giant monster movie Cloverfield. The franchise expanded in new directions with the great 10 Cloverfield Lane and the not-so-great The Cloverfield Paradox, but a proper follow-up never materialized – until now.

Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot have hired British screenwriter Joe Barton, who was recently brought on as the showrunner of HBO Max’s The Batman TV spin-off, to write the script, and J.J. Abrams will return to produce the movie. Read More »

Cloverfield Sequel Viral

The long-delayed Cloverfield sequel (originally titled God Particle) was recently pushed back from its planned February release date to April. While the film still remains cloaked in mystery, a brand-new viral marketing promo has been launched to both tease the new film and mark the original Cloverfield‘s 10th anniversary.

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cloverfield sequel release date

The new Cloverfield sequel, tentatively titled God Particle, was set to hit theaters next month, February 2018, but now it looks like the next entry in the secretive Cloverfield franchise will be arriving in April 2018. More details on the Cloverfield sequel release date are below.

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