Most people consider a long movie to be anything over two hours. Something over two and a half hours is a very long movie. Cross the three hour threshold and it’s almost impossible to comprehend and if something clocks in around four hours? It almost certainly hurts it chances at financial success. Four hours is basically the longest movie that will play in a conventional theater but, when compared to Modern Times Forever, that’s a drop in a hat.

Modern Times Forever began playing for one time only, projected on the side of the Stora Enso Building in Helsinki, Finland on Wednesday and will continue for 240 hours. That’s right, it’s 10 days long, making it the new title holder of longest movie of all time. What could a ten day movie possibly be about? Find out after the jump. Read More »


Got six days to spare? Then you might be able to stick around for the entire public screening of Cinematon, a film by Gerard Courant, when it unspools in Avignon later this month. The project has been running for 30 years, and represents Courant’s original intent — to document the lives and thoughts of his artistic friends — taken to an interesting extreme. Read More »