Mad Max Fury Road 8-Bit

It’s become a rite of passage for any movie that ends up beloved (or hated) by the internet to get the 8-Bit Cinema treatment. And if there’s one movie that’s worthy of this video game adaptation, it’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

Talk about a movie that was made for the side-scrolling arcade game style. This Mad Max Fury Road 8-bit creation from Cinefix is one of their best creations, if only because it includes the button-smashing directions needed for certain parts of the game. It also brings the best vehicles from the movie into the simple video game world. Watch! Read More »

stay puft marshmallow man

The first thing many people remember when thinking of Ghostbusters is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It’s just the simple truth of the matter. The logo is iconic, the characters are memorable, but that final scene featuring a building-sized villain (one made of marshmallow, to boot) is unlike anything moviegoers had seen when the film was released. Since then, there have been few moments as ballsy and out of the box in a major blockbuster, which is why it’s so unforgettable.

So what went into both the creation of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man scene, and the execution of each shot? Find out in a new video in the Art of the Scene by CineFix. It’s pretty great. Read More »

Hook remake

As someone who grew up in the Nineties, it’s kind of hard to get my mind around Nineties nostalgia. It honestly feels like it was yesterday, even though we’re 15 plus years removed. That said, I still enjoy it and Cinefix has just created a prime example to stab me straight in the heart – a homemade Hook remake.

They got Dante Basco to reprise his role as Rufio in a short, “homemade” (basically sweded) scene from Steven Spielberg‘s Hook. It’s surreal and funny to see this exciting, emotional scene played out in a Los Angeles driveway. With Basco there to utter his classic lines, however, it’s very worth your time. Plus there’s a behind the scenes video and a side by side with Spielberg’s version. Check them out below. Read More »

Great Scott Back to Future Musical

Are you a Back to the Future fan who doesn’t have a song stuck in their head yet today? Well, CineFix is happy to fill that void. They just posted a video called “Great Scott,” which reimagines the climax of Back to the Future as a Broadway musical in the style of Les Miserables. Written and performed by Dustin McLean and Piotr Michael, it’s incredibly catchy and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Check it out below. Read More »