the tomorrow war review

The Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and it’s a very silly, very fun ’90s-style blockbuster. It’s an action/adventure story about time travel, killer aliens from outer space, and familial relationships. You know, the usual.

It also has a curveball of an ending! What inspired director Chris McKay and writer Zach Dean to take The Tomorrow War in such a surprising direction? We asked them and found out. And be warned — major spoilers for the film follow. Read More »

The Tomorrow War Director Interview

Chris Pratt is suited up and ready for some intergalactic warfare in Amazon Prime’s original film The Tomorrow War. SyFy revealed an exclusive clip from director Chris McKay‘s sci-fi action film, giving a sneak preview of a lot of chaos, awesome special effects, and a glimpse at the aliens that threaten our protagonist.

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Chris Pratt is fighting for the future. Wait, that sounds like a political slogan. He’s fighting aliens in a future war in which the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. That’s better. Watch the final trailer for The Tomorrow War trailer below.

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The Tomorrow War Director Interview

The Tomorrow War may be a 2021 release, but it feels like a throwback. It would’ve been right at home in the ’90s, and director Chris McKay is a-okay with that.

It’s a premise that could be preposterous: visitors from the future arrive in the modern day to recruit soldiers for a war against an alien race that hasn’t even started yet. But the film takes any potential silliness in stride, taking the premise seriously even while the characters themselves trade enough jokes to keep the mood light. It’s a balance McKay mastered in the realm of animation. Who knew The LEGO Batman Movie would be the perfect training ground for a summer blockbuster crafted out of Roland Emmerich’s personal mold?

I spoke with McKay over Zoom about the film’s (very scary) aliens, adding humor to a very script, and how being compared to ’90s action movies is a compliment.

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The Tomorrow War Trailer

The teaser trailer for Amazon’s upcoming movie The Tomorrow War didn’t reveal much about the story or the alien threat at the center of the sci-fi blockbuster. But now, the full trailer for the movie starring Chris Pratt lays it all out on the table. An alien invasion in the future threatens to destroy humanity. In a final act of desperation, the human race has figured out how to travel back in time and draft people from the past to join in the fight for the future. Check out the trailer below. Read More »

The Tomorrow War Teaser Trailer

Chris Pratt has already seen a variety of extra-terrestrial action as the star of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. But in Amazon’s upcoming sci-fi action movie The Tomorrow War, he’s going to war with invading aliens in a war unfolding 30 years in the future, and the first teaser trailer has just arrived. Read More »

Renfield director

Universal Pictures’ Renfield has found a new master. Chris McKay, whose Chris Pratt-led action flick The Tomorrow War releases this summer, has been tapped to direct and produce Renfield, a Universal monster movie about Dracula’s unhinged henchman.

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the tomorrow war release date

The Chris Pratt sci-fi action flick The Tomorrow War is headed to Amazon Prime Video in time for the July 4 weekend. The Chris McKay-directed pic was originally set up at Paramount and intended to open in theaters on December 25, 2020. But the COVID-19 pandemic put the kibosh on those plans, and earlier this year reports surfaced that Amazon was considering picking up the movie. Now, it’s official: Amazon has the film and will release it this July.

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Reborn movie

In 2017, Netflix acquired famed comic book creator Mark Millar‘s Millarworld company to mine it for film and TV projects. Last year, the streaming service announced it would produce an original film version of Millar’s sci-fi fantasy comic Reborn, with Chris McKay (The LEGO Batman Movie) directing and Oscar winner Sandra Bullock producing.

Now, more than a year later, the project has finally found its writer: up-and-coming scribe Bek Smith, who has previously worked at Marvel Studios. Read More »

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The Tomorrow War

Despite making a triumphant return from dust in Avengers: Endgame, we haven’t seen much of Chris Pratt on the big screen lately. Sure, he voiced the lead character of Emmet in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, and he had a role in the sparsely seen western The Kid, but otherwise, Pratt has been laying pretty low as a leading man. But that changes next year with a new sci-fi thriller that also has the Parks and Recreation star executive producing for the first time.

About a year and a half ago, you might remember that Chris Pratt was announced to be starring in Ghost Draft, a sci-fi thriller that finds humanity fighting an alien invasion. But when it looks like humanity is on the ropes, they figure out a way to draft soldiers from the past to help fight the war. Now production is underway with an extensive ensemble cast, and the movie has a new name: The Tomorrow War. And with that new title also comes a first look photo. Read More »