Children of the Sea Review

If you want definitive prove that animation is not just for children, I dare you show Studio 4°C’s Children of the Sea to any kid and see their mind slowly melt before your very eyes. What starts as a straight-forward coming-of-age story with some fantastical elements slowly transforms into a psychedelic and extremely abstract feast for your eyes. 

Adapted from the manga of the same name, Children of the Sea follows Ruka (voiced by Mana Ashida), a young girl who has always felt like the sea in calling her. Her father works at an aquarium and she keeps having flashbacks to a childhood visit where she saw a weird and glowy presence. On the first day of summer vacation, an aggressive encounter with an older girl gets Ruka kicked out of the handball team. She then decides to visit the aquarium where her father works, and sees a boy swimming in the big tank among the whales.

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