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Briefly: That title change is presumably as in, ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you.’ The film once called Cheaters is a relationship comedy about what one man does when he learns that his best friend’s wife is cheating. I liked Cheaters better than the new title, What You Don’t Know. Cheaters is direct and concise. But What You Don’t Know is probably seen as a broader, more appropriate title for a Ron Howard comedy.

Vince Vaughn is the main guy; Kevin James is the friend; Winona Ryder is the cheating wife. Channing Tatum is the guy Ryder is sleeping with; Jennifer Connelly is Vaughn’s girlfriend. Queen Latifah is also in the mix. The cast has potential, but I don’t know anything about Allan Loeb’s screenplay. Still, as I’ve said before, looking forward to seeing Connelly do comedy.


Zachary Quinto

As Cannes kicks into gear we might start hearing about a few new films that have been assembled enough to scour for distribution deals before production. One such film is Judge Dredd, which we covered last night. Another is Margin Call, from writer/director J.C. Chandor. The film has lined up Kevin Spacey and Zachary Quinto to star in a topical tale about banking malfeasance. The story “tracks eight people at a prominent investment bank in a tumultuous 24-hour period during the early stages of the financial crisis” and looks on as they try to come to terms with the impending financial disaster. [Deadline]

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ron howard and brian grazer

We don’t usually do news posts anymore about filmmakers who have recently joined twitter, as it is such a common thing now-a-days. But I just received an e-mail informing me that Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard and producing partner Brian Grazer have joined the social web. And while their accounts are verified, they don’t have more than 190 followers between the two of them.

Follow Ron Howard at @realronhoward, Follow Brian Grazer at @RealBrianGrazer

A lot of filmmakers have their hands tied when it comes to social media, and aren’t allowed to tweet much about the production. Even Jon Favreau wasn’t allowed to twitpic from the set of Iron Man 2. Ron Howard seems to be above those rules, giving us a behind the scenes look at his latest film Cheaters. Thus far he’s been twitpicing photos from preproduction of his 20th feature film, including a look at his notes on the shooting script, a look at the script reading, and even some video from location scouting.

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Your Highness

We have a bunch of new release date announcements/changes to report on, including the Kevin James comedy The Zookeeper, the Matt Damon/Emily Blunt thriller The Adjustment Bureau, the 2010 Sundance sensation Catfish, David Gordon Green‘s medieval comedy Your Highness, the James Cameron-produced Sanctum 3D, Ron Howard‘s comedy Cheaters, and The Night Chronicles: Devil. All the details, after the jump.

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Ron Howard‘s Cheaters already has Vince Vaughn, Kevin James and Winona Ryder. Now it has put out an offer to Jennifer Connelly for what will be, for her, a rare comedic role. She would be Vaughn’s girlfriend; Vaughn plays a guy torn on the question of whether or not to tell his best friend (James) that his wife (Ryder) is cheating on him. [Deadline]

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There are three projects in development with the working title of Friends with Benefits, and now one of them has landed Justin Timberlake. Will Gluck is directing this one for Screen Gems, about “a headhunter [who] recruits a magazine editor and since each is too busy to find a mate, they agree to sleep together with no strings attached. Things get complicated when the guy falls for the girl, who’s dating someone else.”

For those keeping score, there’s also the Ivan Reitman film with the same title, starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, which was originally called Fuckbuddies. The third use of the title is an NBC pilot written by (500) Days of Summer writers Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber. The TV show could give Screen Gems some competition for the title, but somehow I don’t expect that many of you are going to be heartbroken about a name change for a new romcom. [Deadline]

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