Light of the Jedi chapter 2

In January 2021, Lucasfilm and Del Ray Books will usher in a new era of Star Wars content with The High Republic, a multi-platform publishing initiative which will tell stories across books, comics, and potentially even video games, TV shows, and movies. Set 200 years before the events of the prequel trilogy, the books follow mostly new characters and should expand the universe in way we haven’t seen in quite some time.

The first entry in The High Republic story is a book from author Charles Soule called Light of the Jedi, and Lucasfilm has published the entire second chapter of his forthcoming book online in advance. You can read an excerpt below. Read More »

star wars the high republic details

Early this year, Lucasfilm finally pulled back the curtain on a mysterious project they’d been working on which was codenamed “Project Luminous.” The company announced Star Wars: The High Republic, a medium-spanning storytelling initiative comprised of books, comics, and potentially even video games, TV shows, and movies. The first project chosen to launch this new initiative is Star Wars: Light of the Jedi, a novel by Marvel’s Star Wars comic writer Charles Soule. In a new interview, Soule teased some details about his new book and hinted at the massive scope of the interconnected narrative. Read his quotes below. Read More »

Star Wars: Light of the Jedi

A new era of Star Wars stories is on the way with the Lucasfilm publishing initiative known as Star Wars: The High Republic. The first book, Star Wars: Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule, is slated to arrive in January 2021 after being pushed back from an initial release later this year. But fans can get a taste of the new story, beginning 200 years before the events of The Skywalker Saga, thanks to a recently released excerpt that establishes the world and teases the impending galaxy-wide disaster at the center of the story. Read More »

Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren Comic

Over the summer, we learned there would be a limited comic book series called The Rise of Kylo Ren that showed us how Ben Solo turned to the dark side. The origins of the villain have only been briefly touched upon in the new Star Wars trilogy, so this is a story that fans are hungry to hear. Writer Charles Soule has cautioned that not all fans will be pleased with what is revealed in this comic book, but if the cover of the second issue is any indicator, I’m already on board with the story they’re telling. See it below! Read More »

kylo ren origins

Star Wars fans are a vocal bunch. So The Rise of Kylo Ren writer Charles Soule is forewarning fans that they may not all be pleased with how the Kylo Ren origins story goes down in his new comic book.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker this December, Disney is releasing a new Marvel comic detailing Ben Solo’s journey to the Dark Side in a four-part comic series written by Soule and drawn by Will Sliney. With the first issue set to hit shelves in December, Soule feels it’s important to warn fans of the brooding villain that all may not go as they want or expect it to.

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poe dameron comic

Poe Dameron is the man. The Resistance soldier is the best damn fighter pilot in the sky, and he’s nothing but a big ball of drive, kindness and charisma. Oscar Isaac is incredibly charismatic in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making you invest in a character you really don’t know that much about. Maybe we’ll learn more about the character in Star Wars: Episode VIII, which is currently filming, but until then, we can go on a few other adventures with the fighter pilot thanks to a new Poe Dameron comic. Learn all about it below.

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Star Wars The Force Awakens poe dameron bb-8

Oscar Isaac‘s character Poe Dameron was originally supposed to be a smaller part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but his expanded role has been embraced by long-time fans of the George Lucas-created franchise. Fans won’t have to wait until Star Wars: Episode VIII’s release on May 26th 2017 to get more from the best X-wing pilot in The Resistance. Git the jump for more information on the Poe Dameron comic book series.
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Marvel Universe

Twenty years ago, when a character died in comic books, it was a big deal. Now, it’s pretty obvious very few people in comic books who are killed stay dead. DC Comics was never going to get rid of Superman. Captain America isn’t going the way of the dodo. And Marvel’s latest plan surely won’t stick either. Still, they’re planning on offing one of their most popular characters, one believed to be immortal, so it’s worth talking about.

Below, find out who’s dying, when, where, and what Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige thinks about Marvel death in the Cinematic Universe. Read More »