There has been no movement on a third Batman film, and there won’t likely be anything for a while. But MTV caught up with Dark Knight producer Charles Roven at the People’s Choice Awards and asked him a few questions. When asked if Rovan would have changed the fate of The Joker knowing now that the actor could never reprise the role, Rovan responded that “We have to separate the actors from the role.”

Which I think means, that with all due respect, The Joker and Heath are two completely separate entities. The Joker could return for the sequel if the story called for it. It’s a possibility that we’ve danced around this whole time, because we all assumed it would never happen. That said, I doubt that it will, but I wanted to get your opinion on the possibility.

Discuss: Would you be okay with The Joker being recast so that the character could return for the third film?

Dark Knight Sequel Update: Waiting on Nolan

Buried at the end of The Hollywood Reporter‘s article on the marketing of The Dark Knight is a small update on the status of a third Batman film: Both Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures want to greenlight a third film, but are waiting for Christopher Nolan to come to them with a “story and a plan.” Right now Nolan is taking a well deserved vacation, but producer Charles Rovan promises that “When he comes back, we will see how he feels.” Until Nolan returns, the rumor mill will run wild with speculation. I’m sure we haven’t seen an end of the casting rumors and fan made poster concepts.

How The Dark Knight Went IMAX

I’ve said it before, and ’ll say it again – You haven’t seen The Dark Knight, unless you’ve seen it in IMAX. OVer 20 minutes of the film was shot with 70mm IMAX cameras, and the result is a cinematic experience like you’ve never seen before. But how did this all come together?

“It was always Chris [Nolan]’s idea, he’s wanted to shoot on IMAX for years,” producer Emma Thomas told us at The Dark Knight junket. “I mean a long long time, has been talking about doing this and then this, when we were talking about where to go with the sequel to Batman Begins and he really wanted to expand the world and make the film feel really huge and it just seemed like the right, finally we had the right project.”

Part of the preparation included a couple test shots on The Prestige, explained Emma Thomas: “We actually, on The Prestige shot, did a couple of shots with the IMAX camera just so that we could get a sense of what the issues were going to be

Nolan originally planned to shoot five of the scenes in IMAX but he kept increasing the use of the cameras through out the production.
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