Michael Haneke is finally settling on his follow-up to the Palme d’Or winning The White Ribbon. Oddly, the film he’ll make is one he’d planned to make, then discarded in favor of another. The Austrian director had been planning to make Ces Deux, aka These Two, but scuttled the idea in February, deciding instead to make a film about the internet. Cue mild surprise and unease on our part.

But now Mr. Haneke is going back to these two, and he’s got at least two of the actors he’d originally planned to use: Isabelle Huppert, with whom he worked on The Piano Teacher and Time of the Wolf, and Jean-Louis Trintignant. Read More »


It’s a day for discarded project news. First there was Nicolas Winding Refn moving away from Jekyll and The Dying of the Light in favor of Drive, and now we hear that Austrian director Michael Haneke is switching up the subject of his next film. Originally he’d planned to make a film about the humiliation of old age (sounds like prime pasture for Haneke) but will now make the Internet the subject of his follow up to the widely praised The White Ribbon. Read More »